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He cleared his throat, "Are you sure you guys aren't dating?"

Jin didn't seem to be surprised at the fact that Jaehyun questioned all this, and nor did he try to detach himself from you. Instead, he looked at you, raising an eyebrow silently asking if the two of you should confess to Jaehyun.

You nodded your head slightly in response, preparing yourself for what is about to happen. Jaehyun's face was palpable, and he made no effort to hide his facial expressions. His jaw was clenched down as he gave the death stare to Jin.

"Well? Are you going to sit there and not answer, or what?" Jaehyun said, getting impatient already.

Jin glared at Jaehyun, then rolled his eyes. "We're dating."

Both of you waited for Jaehyun to blow up, but instead, you got no response. You could see that his body tensed up, but for once, he kept his mouth shut. Woah.

He let out a big sigh, "Well. I guess as long as you're happy, then." A small, sad smile showed on his face before he abruptly got up and walked away.

"That was.. unexpected," you said, speechless as it wasn't the reaction you were prepared for.

Jin nodded, not saying a word in response.

Eunji soon came back and sit down in her chair. "Where's Jaehyun?"

"We told him the truth, since he asked, but he stormed off to his room most likely," you responded.

She laughed, "I'm not surprised."

The three of you remained quiet as the flames of the fire flickered and the light wind blew.

Eunji quickly broke the silence, "Well, I guess our breakfast was kind of like a lunch, so should we start planning the games for later to play?"

"Sure," Jin replied. He sat stiff, and you could tell something was bothering him, but you couldn't quite figure out what.

He quickly added on, "Could we go inside to do this?"

Eunji didn't question it, "Sure."

Something has to be bothering him, but what? Was it the moon? You found it hard to believe that it would have effect on him so soon, but it seems you didn't know much to begin with.

Eunji got up, heading to the cabin, and the two of you followed behind slowly.

Hours passed as we sat in the living room, making a list of a few games, crossing some off every once in a while if we changed our minds. It was getting close to seven, so Eunji started making dinner. Jaehyun remained inside his room, only coming out when he wanted a snack or something to drink.

You decided that now would be a good time to ask Jin about his weird mood earlier, since Eunji wasn't there.

He was sitting next to you on the sofa with the TV turned on, but the sound was down low.

"So, what were you all tense about earlier?" You asked out of the blue.

Jin sighed, "Remember when I told you how I could get with the moon? All weird and stuff?"

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