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"Just a few drops," Seung-yoon said, pulling out a dagger. He motioned for you to hold out your hand.

You willingly held out your hand, wondering why he would need your blood to begin with. Seung-yoon wasn't a vampire, so it wasn't like he could use it for himself, probably.

"Why do you need her blood?" Jin asked with suspicion.

Seung-yoon didn't bother to respond to Jin's question, and it made you uneasy. You pulled your hand away before Seung-yoon could do anything.

"Why do you need my blood?" you asked, hoping that he would at least answer to you, since you knew that Seung-yoon didn't get along with Jin all too well.

He still wouldn't answer the question even when you asked it.

"Tell us. Now," Jin said sternly, looking Seung-yoon in the eyes.

"I don't need it," Seung-yoon replied plainly. No emotion showed on his face, so it was extremely hard to tell if he was lying or not.

It slightly confused you after he said that he didn't need it. If he didn't need your blood, then why would he bother taking some of it to begin with?

Things were definitely suspicious after Seung-yoon says something like that without much explanation.

You still refused to hold out your hand until he would give a full response.

Seung-yoon sighed, waiting patiently. "Are you going to give me your blood, or not? I won't help you if you guys refuse to pay for my help. I heard that Taehyung could've just decided to bring Doyoon, so if that's what you want.."

"Fine. I'll give you my blood. Only because you're helping us," you said, finally giving in. You knew that Seung-yoon wasn't going to tell you guys the truth, but you also knew that Jin would never allow Doyoon anywhere near you.

Seung-yoon had a very slight grin on his face. It was slightly intimidating, since he had a scar, and it almost looked as if darkness always surrounded him.

You tried to ignore his facial expression, and held out your hand once again. It wasn't exactly something you wanted to do, but it was the only choice that you had if you wanted his help.

"You better not do anything to hurt her, or I'll kill you," Jin threatens, glaring at Seung-yoon.

Seung-yoon chuckled, seemingly unbothered by Jin's threat. You knew that Jin wasn't joking, though, but so did Seung-yoon. It was odd that Seung-yoon didn't care.

Seung-yoon held out the dagger again, bringing it to your hand slowly.

You were hoping that this would be over soon, and that you could really trust Seung-yoon.

He made a small enough cut for a drop or two of blood to go into the vial he had. You flinched, but you didn't stop him. After closing the small vial, he handed you a handkerchief to temporarily stop the blood.

Jin sighed loudly, wishing that this wasn't happening right now.

"Alright. Give me the book," Seung-yoon demanded, waiting for the book.

You grabbed the book, hesitating for a few moments before handing it over to Seung-yoon.

You could see that Seung-yoon was getting extremely impatient with every second passing by. Was this really the right choice to give him the book?

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