Blue ☾

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Jin looked up at you with saddened and worried eyes. "Look, I was going to tell you-"

You sighed, cutting him off, "Okay, but I think I need some time to think things through.." 

He nodded, feeling defeated. You walked away, making sure not to look back, because you knew that you would most likely run right back to him.

The envelope was still in your hand. What was in it, anyways? It felt like there was more than just a paper inside, but you couldn't tell exactly what else was in there.

You stopped in the midst of your walking, and started to open up the envelope.

The envelope was snatched out of your hands just seconds before you pulled out the contents inside.

"Hey! What are you doing? Give it back!"

Jin was holding it above your head as he was making sure you couldn't get it back. He gave you a stern look, but behind it, you could see a slight smirk. 

"Did you even think about what this is?" 

You gave a confused look, "It's just an envelope..? Besides, it was given to me.. why can't I open it?"

You kept jumping up and down, trying to grab the envelope. It was starting to get extremely frustrating, because you weren't even getting close. He wasn't even budging one bit.

Jin started chuckling, deeply, looking into your glaring eyes. It suddenly occurred to you- it's been such a long time since you had last heard him laughing. You wanted to be mad at him, but you couldn't now.


You stopped reaching for the envelope, and Jin finally relaxed his posture. He was still cautious, though, in case you were going to snatch it from him.

"Can you at least tell me why you won't let me open an envelope?"

Jin sighed, "Is it not already odd enough that the sender didn't want to be known?"

He had a point. You didn't even question who sent it and why they didn't want to be known- maybe it was just curiosity that won in the situation?

"I guess you're right. So... how do we figure out what it is, then..?" 

He stood there for a minute, contemplating the question. You still didn't know where Haneul went, and you wanted to say you didn't care, but it was starting to worry you. 

Jin stopped you in your train of thoughts, blurting out "Give me a minute. You don't mind if I burn this, do you?"


Is he crazy?

He starting chuckling, "I was being sarcastic, calm down."

"That wasn't funny." You gave him your best 'unamused' face, but he was still laughing.

Jin cleared his throat, finally calming himself down. "Anyways, let me handle this, it's safer if I do this."

You nodded, still unsure of what he was about to do. Obviously, he wasn't going to open it with his own hands, because that'd be ridiculous, especially after telling you not to open it yourself.

He placed the envelope in front of him on the ground as he sat down, cross legged on the carpeted floor. 

His eyes shut for what seemed to be about ten seconds, then his hand rose from resting position. He snapped his fingers.

What was in front of him was still the envelope, so you still didn't understand what he did. Did he even do anything to it? 

Jin opened his eyes, and turned himself to face you. "Alright, this should work."

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