Lunar ☾

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"I don't know. I just know he's mad. Really, really mad."

You knew Jin wouldn't let you follow him no matter what. He was pretty stubborn it seemed when it came to topics relating to his father.

As much as you wanted to follow him, you understood that it was something that you couldn't help no matter how hard you tried.

Jin's father was a scary man, and that wasn't very hard to come to a conclusion for after having met him the first time.

You sighed, watching him run off in his wolf form now. It's too late now to be able to follow him, since he was so fast.

Maybe now would be a good time to actually read some of the content about the necklace, even though you already knew the general purpose.

It'd be something to keep your worry for Jin off your mind for the time being.

You slowly walked your way back into the cabin, trying to appear as normal as possible, since you didn't want Eunji or Jaehyun seeing that you were worried.

It would be pretty hard to explain to them, especially since they didn't know much about Jin's father or the reason that Jin's father was mad.

You didn't exactly want to get them involved in this kind of mess. You were already thankful enough that they believed that Jin was a werewolf.

They really couldn't not believe it though, after seeing the same wolf around you often, and seeing that he could understand every word that comes out of your mouth even as a wolf.

You walked right past the two of them, heading inside. They didn't seem to suspect anything, so that was good for the time being.

As you went to get the book, you silently pleaded that it was still there. Haneul already knew it was with you, so you wouldn't be too surprised if he had someone secretly snatched it.

Once you saw the book sitting there, untouched, you let out a breath you'd been holding. Thankfully, it was still there.

You didn't know what you'd do if it wasn't. Haneul was probably liable to take the book back, and put it somewhere where you wouldn't be able to find it.

It really wouldn't make sense to put the book back in the same spot you had found it before.

Maybe it would be a good idea to hide the book when you were done, but there might not be a point in keeping the book if you were able to read the thing in its entirety.

Ah well, it's best you read it as soon as possible, anyways.

You opened the small book to the first page, and it revealed a photo of the exact necklace you wore.

It was odd that such a simple looking thing held so much importance it seemed. You could probably find a necklace in a store that would look just like it, but this one was special.

The next page was blank, so you skipped it, and began reading what was on the page.

The writing appeared to be handwritten, rather than typed. It was a bit sloppy, but you were still able to read it all.


May 13th, 1876.

"The necklace is known to be extremely powerful with wolves. It must be used with care, and given to by someone with knowledge on it.

It must only been given to a female wolf, as it will only work for them. Now, not only that, but it must be given to the white lunar wolf.

The white lunar wolf hasn't been seen for a couple decades since the last one, but they hold the most power over all wolves according to the legend.

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