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"Ah.. and why is that?" Jaehyun asked, suspicious.

"Y/N wants to sleep tonight, since she didn't get much last night. The reason I won't be able to come is that I would like to go to my house to rest," Jin lied.

Eunji obviously wanted to protest that you already slept, but she kept quiet, anyways. 

Jaehyun was hesitant at first, wondering if he should believe him or not, but he eventually just accepted the excuse.

"Alright. Tomorrow night it is, then."

Afterwards, Jaehyun left the room, and went outside.

Eunji stayed behind with her arms crossed, looking right at you.

"What are you two planning on doing? I know it's not just for sleep."

What do you tell her? She was too good at knowing when something was up.

You could tell Jin was hesitating, too. "We're just going outside to hang, nothing else," Jin lied again.

It was partially true that you guys were going out, but the reason behind that was lie. 

"Alright. I believe you," Eunji said, finally. "But, how long will you be?"

"Ah- I don't know. Before sunrise," you replied. You'd have to be there before sunrise, because Jaehyun didn't know we were going out at night.

"Okay. Have fun," she waved, then left the room.

"So. What do you want to do?" Jin asked. "We've got like four hours before we can go out."

Hm. What do you want to do? There wasn't much that was needed to be done. You thought of everything that you and your friends brought, and that gave you an idea.

"How about s'mores? I believe Eunji brought stuff to do that."

"That sounds good. I haven't had them in a while, so why don't we ask the others if they want to do some tonight?"

"Sure, I'll be the one to ask them, hold on! I'll be back," you said, smiling.

You went right to where Eunji and Jaehyun went after dinner and found them both just sitting in front of the campfire. 

"Hey guys, would you two like to do s'mores with me?" you asked, hoping that they would.

Eunji was the first to respond by nodding her head in approval, but Jaehyun simply just did a shrug.

"Eunji, do you want to help me get the stuff ready, then?"

"Sure!" She seemed excited to finally get to do s'mores, so that's good. You went inside the cabin and into the kitchen to get the stuff ready while Eunji did the same.

"I assume we're doing s'mores, then?" Jin asked from behind you.

"Yep!" You replied.

"Want any help?" He asked, watching you struggle to reach the marshmallows that were- oh so conveniently placed out of your reach.

"Ah- I think I'm fine," you replied. You weren't going to be able to reach the marshmallows anytime soon struggling like this.

Jin sighed, chuckling at your helplessness. 

You felt two large hands lift you from your waist, making it easier for you to reach the marshmallows.

"There. Is that better?" He asked, smirking at your shocked face.

"Y-yes, thank you," you replied, all flustered. Jin put you down as soon as you had the marshmallows in your hand. You turned around to see Eunji smiling widely, waiting for you to be done.

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