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"Do you still like my brother?"

No words could come out of your mouth. At this point, you couldn't tell whether it was him shaking or if it was you. 

Did you still like him? You weren't sure. Haneul seemed familiar to you, but you didn't realize that person was someone you liked a lot in the past. He looked like a totally different person, and he definitely didn't act or seem like the person you knew. 

Could you truly say that you liked him when you weren't even sure? Probably not. It's best if you told Jin no, anyways. 

You started out slowly, making sure not to say something stupid, "Jin, I-"

Jin immediately cut you off, slamming his mouth onto yours. Your eyes widened in shock, and you froze. You've never been kissed before, and as pathetic as it felt, you didn't know how to respond.

He pressed himself closer to you, making you heat up even more than before. You attempted to kiss back, but it felt very awkward. 

Jin stopped and looked at you. His eyes were still the fiery golden color, but instead of rage and jealousy, sadness was present. 

He spoke quietly, "I don't want to know the true answer. I know you don't know right now, but don't tell me when you do know."

You stood there awkwardly, blush rushing to your face. His grip tightened around your shoulders, making things even more awkward.

Jin moved closer to you, slowly, inch by inch. You squeezed your eyes shut, not knowing what to expect. He was so close that you could feel his hot breath nearing your neck.

It startled you the moment his grasp around was ripped from your shoulders. They almost felt bruised, but luckily they didn't seem to be. 

You gradually opened your eyes, unsure of what to expect. 


The younger male held Jin back, hand over mouth. Jungkook was wide-eyed, full of fear. 

"Are you okay, Y/N?" 

Jungkook was only slightly struggling to hold Jin back, but he didn't seem like he'd be letting go anytime soon unless Jin stopped. 

Jin's eyes weren't normal, which.. was odd? Last time he'd been interrupted from his.. trance, his eyes immediately changed back. What was different this time? 

No matter how much you thought about it, not one thing made sense in your head.

A deep voice erupted from behind you, making you jump. 

"It's best you get away from Jin for the moment, Y/N."

You turned around to see Haneul standing there, glaring at Jin.

"Where the hell did you c-" 

He cut you off. "Go. Now."

You nodded. It felt uneasy knowing that Jin was unstable right now. Haneul followed closely behind you, ushering  you into another room. 

"Stay in my bedroom for now. Don't. Touch. Anything."

He started to head out, but then stopped in his tracks. "You might be in here for a while, but I'm going to lock you in here until it's.. safe to come out. I'm sorry things are this way."

Haneul rushed out before you could respond to him. 

So, this is Haneul's bedroom.

The room was much lighter than the rest of the house was, which you thought was odd. The bedroom appeared untouched- almost as if no one even occupied the room. 

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