Camp ☾

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"Y/N! Are you ready to go yet?" Eunji was being impatient, you thought.

Shouting back, you said "Almost! I'll be down in 5."

You had everything packed and ready to go for camp, but you wanted to wear your favorite necklace. It was almost always around your neck, but you took it off every now and then.

It was a little crescent moon, simple, but it was a gift from a childhood friend. Unfortunately, you've not seen him for a couple years. He left so suddenly, you don't really know what happened.

You lost contact with him and every other connection you had with him.

Grabbing all of your items, you headed downstairs to where your two friends were waiting.

"Ready?" Jaehyun asked.

With a nod, the three of you headed out the door.

We took Jaehyun's car for the trip, since his had the most room inside.

"Hey, could you put on some music?" Eunji asked.

Jaehyun put on the radio, and we all began to sing along.

---1 Hour Later---

The trip was long, but we did this every year together. It was sort of like a tradition we liked to do.

We did these camping trips twice a year, each a week long. Instead of bringing tents each time, we would have our own little cabin in the woods. The cabin was small, but it was near a large lake, making it more worthwhile.

While unpacking our stuff in the cabin, Eunji was making plans for the three of us.

"We should gather some wood for a fire, because according to the weather, the temperatures really going to drop. Who wants to come with me?" Eunji was asking both of us, but Jaehyun probably didn't pay attention.

"I'll go, Eunji. Just let me finish up a bit, alright?" You were almost done, so you figured you'd go with her.

"Alright, cool! Need any help? I'm done with my stuff."

"Sure. I just need some of my clothes put into the dresser over there," You said, pointing to the dresser next to your bed.

"Sure thing!"

She quickly grabbed a bunch of your clothes and put them in the dresser.

"Lets go gather some wood now," Eunji said, grabbing your arms.

The two of you headed out the door, and the first thing you noticed was that the clouds were dark.

"We better hurry, it looks like it wants to rain," You said.

She nodded, and started running ahead of you.

"Hey! Wait up!" You shouted, trying to get her attention, but she ignored you.

Trying to keep up with her was a struggle as she was in such a rush. She eventually stopped running and waited for you.

"Why don't we split up and meet back here, it'll be faster," Eunji suggested.

"Alright. See you in 10, then?"

"Yep," She replied, running off already.

Sighing, you made your way further into the woods, looking for wood that would be suitable to burn.

"Oomph!" Your face fell flat to the dirt covered in leaves.

You tripped over something you assumed was a tree root that stuck out of the ground. Getting up, you continued walking.

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