Sleep ☾

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"Don't deny it. I see it in your eyes, the way you are with him, the way you just let him do whatever. It's completely different, and it's only something I can dream of. Just ask Eunji, I'm sure she notices it, too."

"Jin is my childhood friend, nothing else." You tried to make yourself believe that you didn't like Jin, because the thought of actually liking him just seemed.. odd. You didn't know why, but it just felt weird.

Jaehyun sighed, "Yeah, right. Keep making excuses until you come into realization. I've tried that with you, never worked."

You couldn't possibly like Jin in that way, right?

"I don't like Jin, okay?"

He was frustrated, and you could tell by the look on his face. It was all tense and overcome with stress and worry.

Jaehyun was still speechless and hurt deeply. You decided to hug him in attempt to comfort him.

"Don't-"He attempted to push you away.

"What's going on?" Jin asked, interrupting the whole scene.

There was a twinge of something in his voice. Anger or jealousy? Or neither?

He sat down next to you, leaving you in between him and Jaehyun. Eunji was the only one who stood standing. She remained quiet during this whole time.

You realized the position you were in probably looked awkward to Jin, so you quickly let go.

"Is anyone going to tell me? I was starting to get lonely out there, so I came in to see what was happening."

Looking at Eunji, you silently begged her to explain for you, because you didn't want to mess anything up, and you knew Eunji was better with words than you were.

She sighed, but before she spoke, she looked to Jaehyun for permission to tell Jin. He simply nodded in approval, although still very tense.

"Jaehyun is upset because he thinks Y/N likes you," she said blatantly.

"O-oh," was all Jin could muster out. He wasn't exactly surprised per say, but he wasn't expecting Jaehyun to take it that far. 

You put your head in your heads, groaning in exhaustion and stress from everything that's been going on.

Jin pulled you into his embrace, trying to relax you. He rested you against his chest, and that's when you could feel his heart beating ever so rapidly. 

Was that because he was a wolf? You knew wolves had faster heartbeats, but you had no clue if that even affected his normal heartbeat.

Jaehyun had a poker faced expression, showing no emotion. His eyes cleared up of the tears from earlier, but you could tell he wanted to cry. 

You tried to pull out of Jin's embrace to avoid making Jaehyun even more upset, but he only held you tighter.

His warmth made you cozy, and that was when you realized that you didn't get to have much sleep the night before. 

Your attempts of keeping your eyes open were starting to fail. Yawning, you helplessly fell asleep in Jin's embrace. 

———Jin's POV———

He saw her fall asleep in his arms, and didn't know what to do. His emotions for her kept growing each time they touched. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep himself in control. 

He heard everything they said from outside, and it hurt, but everything she said seemed to be like she was lying to herself. She was quite hesitant with what she said, and he could feel it. 

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