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Haneul looked at you in disbelief. "Aish.. Jin didn't tell you yet? You're the white wolf. That wolf is you."

Your jaw dropped at the same time your eyes widened. "T-that can't be.. how? I'm human! I know I am!"

He didn't seem the slightest bit surprised with your reaction. Haneul positioned himself in a more relaxed position, then said, "Allow me to give a partial explanation.. you've been a wolf your entire life."

Is this guy even being serious right now? You were about to question what he meant, but he answered. Sort of.

"Jin can explain the rest. I think it's best that he tells you like he should've a while ago, but it seems that he's cheating his way.."

"Cheating his way? What do you even mean? Are you joking with me?" Questions ran through your head like bullets. Unfortunately, Haneul refused to fully answer everything like you wished he would.

He sighed heavily. Now he didn't even look at you. You continued to glare at him until he would at least respond.

It went on for about another minute or two until he finally acknowledged you. 

"Look, if you want answers, you'll have to ask Jin tomorrow," he said, frustrated. 

"Why can't I ask you? You obviously know the answers to my questions." 

He didn't respond- again. 

"Fine. I'll wait."

You saw him do a slight smirk, only making you even more annoyed by him at this moment. 

"-but were you joking earlier?"

Haneul clenched his jaw and didn't respond to your simple question. You wondered when Jin would be back tomorrow. Would it be late at night or early in the morning? It only occurred to you now that you didn't even know the time it was now. 

The room was so dark out, and the windows were oddly tinted, so it was extremely difficult to tell night from day here. 

"What time is it right now?" 

If he didn't ans-

"Figure it out yourself," he stopped you in the midst of your thoughts.

"I'm- What exactly WILL you tell me?" 

Heat creeped onto your face as Haneul looked over with a smirk.

"I'm just kidding."

You threw your hands up in the air, "Oh, well, I don't know, you've not answered the past- what was it? 5? 10? questions that I asked before, so I couldn't quite tell."

"Now, now, don't you get sassy with me. It's just past 11 PM."

Your lips tightened, but eventually you smiled in thanks. The silence grew as you sat in the dark room, waiting for time to pass. Light shone from only Haneul's phone whenever he'd check his messages.

Click. Click click click. Click click.

He must have his volume turned all the way up, because the obnoxious texting sound was the only thing that you could hear. 

Click click. Click. Click click click click.

"Could you like, not?" 

He looked up at you, "What?"

You rolled your eyes, "At least turn your volume down. It's getting extremely annoying." 

Click. Click click. Click. Click click click. Click click click click. Click click.

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