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Jin rolled his eyes, and grabbed the animal out of your arms. He pointed at the bunny, "This? This isn't a bunny."

You sighed, still confused. "Then, what is it?"

"Take a guess. I'm a wolf, but standing here as a human. It's also possible with other animals, Y/N."

Your eyes went wide. The thought that any other animal could be human was a shock. You didn't even think that before, because you thought it was only wolves.

"Oh.." You didn't know what to say. Who was this? If it's not just a bunny, who is it and why are they here?

Jin placed the animal on the ground, then turned his attention solely to the animal. 

He started speaking to the bunny in a very serious tone. "Quit it. Stop fooling around with Y/N, you know she's clueless."

No response from the bunny came. It simply hopped out of the room like it had no care in the world right now. 

Jin started cursing under his breath, "Are you kidding me? I swear, I'm going to really get him one day." 

He followed after the bunny, leaving you and that man alone in the room. What should you do? It's not like you did any of this on purpose, but you still felt bad for some reason. 

"I'm Namjoon," the man said, doing a quick smile and a wave.

So, he's Namjoon, then. You wondered what kind of relation he had with Jin. There were so many people you didn't know, and each person you've met was very different to each other. 

You nodded in response, then started to reply with your own name, "Ah, I'm-" 

"I know."

You remembered once again. Everyone knew you here. That was something you were slowly getting used to, but it still felt extremely weird.

"Jin will be back in a few minutes. Jungkook is always screwing around here. That boy never listens, but you should be on the look out, 'cause he's always pranking people left and right," Namjoon said it like this happens all the time. 

"Jungkook? The bunny? His name is Jungkook?"

Namjoon chuckled a little, "Ah, yeah. He's the bunny."

What was Jungkook like? Was he as innocent seeming as the bunny? You weren't too sure, but you were curious. 

"So, are you the one Jin brought here to help?" 

Namjoon nodded, "That would be me." 

The two of you waited in the room, wondering when Jin would be back. 

"I'm going to go check on Jin real quick, don't you do anything stupid while I'm gone." Namjoon left the room speedily, heading towards where Jin went.

You didn't really know what to do, so you just sat there, looking at the ceiling. The room was fairly chill, but you expected that kind of temperature in a place like this. Where was Haneul? He hasn't come back for quite a while.

Was it his father that did something? It was starting to really make you nervous, knowing that man is scary. 

A few moments later, the two men came back with someone behind them. Was that Jungkook? It had to be. You noticed that Namjoon was a slight bit taller than Jin, but not by much. Jin was huffing and panting like he'd been running around a lot, but he quickly recovered himself.

Jin turned, moving to the side. He glared at Jungkook and scolded him, "Don't make me go after you again, Jungkook." 

"I can't promise that," Jungkook grinned, trying to hold back a laugh.

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