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You replied with full confidence. "I'm ready."

Jin's entire body tensed up the very moment those words left your mouth- it was definitely not what he was expecting.

He didn't seem too sure of what to think about your response as he remained there, shocked.

Finally, he asks, "Are you sure? Do you know what that means?"

You nodded, thinking that you already knew enough. You were already a wolf so it wouldn't be much of a difference even if you didn't want to believe it.

The fact that Eunji couldn't see the same things you did, and Haneul's few words to explain it made you believe that it wasn't a hallucination.

Jin pushed you up against a wall, then asked again, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

His hands shook as he tried to refrain from touching you.

"Please answer me now, I don't think I can handle keeping myself back much longer."

The heat rose to your face, making your cheeks look like tomatoes.

You nodded once more, "I'm sure. I trust you."

"I'm going to warn you beforehand that it may hurt a little, but the pain shouldn't last longer than a few seconds."

Once again, you nodded.

Immediately, a grin appeared on his face. He cupped your head with his hand, placing his lips on yours. His lips tasted sweet like cotton candy, and it left you wanting more as he gradually moved his kisses down towards your neck.

He kissed the spot where you assumed he would mark you. One last kiss lingered right over the spot before you could feel his hot, rapid breaths on your tender skin.

You could feel his fangs elongate before he sank them into your skin. A piercing pain spread across your body, and you suddenly felt fatigued.

A tear almost escaped your eye, but you forced yourself to hold in it.

Jin quickly relieved the pain, licking over the spot he had bit. Did a wolf's saliva heal wounds? He placed another light and hot kiss there before he moved away. A sense of pleasure was in place of the pain when he had kissed that spot.

So, is this what it's like to be marked by a wolf?

Your cheeks were still bright red from what just happened. You could tell Jin was finally satisfied, and you were too- he finally stopped the excessive shaking. Somehow, you also felt relieved to be Jin's in a way that no one else could.

"I'm sorry if that hurt, I tried to make it as painless as possible," he apologized.

You hugged him tightly, then said, "You did good."

Your head was against his chest, and you could feel his heart beating rapidly.

He squeezed you even tighter. "You should get some rest, you're making me feel tired now."

What exactly did he mean by that?

He smiled at your confused face before he explained. "A while back I explained that our feelings, emotions, and thoughts would be shared. I'll know when you're upset, mad, happy, or whatever."

"I'll sleep, then," you replied, heating up at the fact that he could now read you like an open book. It'll have to take some time getting used to, you supposed.

A smirk appeared on his face. "There's something I want to show you tomorrow.. I hope you'll like it."

Millions of ideas and thoughts ran through your head. What could it be?

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