Golden ☾

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Your eyes began to feel heavy, and you gave up on keeping them open. Darkness surrounded you, slipping you into an unconscious state.

———Jin's POV———

"Crap.. this is all my fault. I should've known, especially after my wolf went a little out of control."

After shifting back, he took a better look at Y/N. He ran his fingers through his hair whilst freaking out about the state you were in.

Jin picked Y/N up from the ground. "They're going to be so pissed at me.." he mumbled to himself. He ran all the way back to the cabin with you in his arms.

As he was nearing the cabin, he noticed the lights were on inside. "What are they doing up at this time?"

He sighed, knowing that he'll be in trouble either way. It would be difficult to open the door with Y/N in his arms so he had no choice but to ring the doorbell.

The door clicked and opened. It was Eunji.

"What did you do to her?" Eunji was already worried, and now she was mad at him.

"I-I don't know.. I can explain-"

"Who is at the door?" someone shouted from someplace in the cabin.

Eunji was about to reply, but instead, Jaehyun came right up to the door himself.


Jin didn't know what to say, especially after knowing there was a possibility of something happening.

"Let me explain, please."

Jaehyun sighed, "Fine."

The two of them let Jin walk in the door, and the three of them sat on the couch in the living room. You were still in Jin's arms, unconscious.

Jin still hadn't told Jaehyun that he was a wolf.. but it seems that there's no way around it.

"Why are your eyes like that.." Jaehyun asked.

Whoops. He completely forgot his eyes were a golden color.

He prepared himself for whatever was about to happen. Either the kid would freak out, or he won't believe him. Eunji already knew, so it's not as bad at least.

"I'm.. a werewolf. That wolf you saw Y/N with a few days ago? That was me.

Jaehyun went slightly pale.. "You're a w-werewolf..?"

"Yes. I'm a werewolf."

Jaehyun was bug-eyed as he heard that, but Jin wasn't surprised. Eunji seemed to be just fine with it, but he wasn't sure how Jaehyun will deal with it in the future.

"What did you do to Y/N?" Jaehyun asked, seemingly to be afraid of Jin now.

"I.. can't exactly explain too well.. but I have a feeling it's my fault. My eyes as a werewolf are normally purple with green specks, and the color of my iris changes due to the wolf inside me. This was the first time my eyes have changed to a golden color, so I didn't exactly know this would happen."

"Do you know why they changed to that color?" Eunji asked. She was still worried, but by the looks of it, she wasn't mad anymore.

"That's not exactly something I want to explain," Jin simply said.

"Well, do you know when Y/N will be conscious again?" Eunji asked.

Surprisingly, Jaehyun was keeping quiet during this time.

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