Trust ☾

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"Not so fast."

You winced at the tight grip he had around your wrist. If he didn't release his grip a little, you would probably end up with a bruise.

Gulping, you didn't know what to do.

He showed no signs of letting go of you as his grip was still firm around your wrist.

Your free hand flew through the air, aiming at his face in attempt to hit him.

Well. That didn't exactly work. He snatched your hand a split second before it could even graze his face.

"Ugh.. What do you want from me?"

It was no use. This man was clearly more experienced than you with what he was doing. Any attempt of hitting him would fail miserably for sure.

"Do you seriously not remember me? That's sad."

Wait- he was the wolf? Nothing has been making sense the lately. Everything's been so screwed up lately.

How can this man be a wolf? How is it possible?

"Are you going to let me go? It's starting to hurt," You said, glaring at him.

He sighed, contemplating whether or not he should release his grip on you.

Hopefully, Eunji or Jaehyun would come outside of the house to save you from this man, since your screaming will most likely not be heard from this distance.

"Fine- but let me explain. Please?"


There was no way in hell you were going to stand here much longer with this man. He may have said he was your friend, Jin, but that would take time for you to actually believe that.

"Hey! Where are you going?" He shouted behind your back as you ran for your life towards the cabin.

Your face hit an obstacle before opening the door to the cabin.

"I said not to run away. Why don't you just listen?"

Looking up, the man's jaw was clenched in frustration and anger.

"Why should I listen to you? I don't know you."

"Look. Ask me anything- and I mean anything that you told the the Jin you knew. Try it," His face had a smirk when he said that.

Trying to think of a difficult question was hard when you were being stared at. It's a bit of an awkward situation.

"Y/N- What the hell! Who are you?!" Someone screamed from behind the man.

Turning around, he glared at whoever interrupted us. His arms were crossed in frustration. He sighed.

"Ah.. Eunji, right?" He asked ever so calmly, as if there was not a single problem in this world this current moment.

Her eyes widened even more than ever before.

"H-how do you know my name?" She stuttered.

Slowly, her body became pale as she stood there shaking, not knowing what to do.

Rushing over to her, not caring that the man was there for the moment, you tried to calm her down.

Whenever she was scared, she had horrible anxiety. Now would be a bad time for this, because this little trip for camping was meant to be fun- but lately everything's been all over the place. 

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