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"Ah.. yeah, okay. We'll just wait, then."

Jin chuckled at your response. "Good choice."

––Hours later

"Are you ready to go, Y/N?" Jin asked.

You stood up, saying, "Yep."

Jin handed you your jacket. "Don't forget to put this on. I don't need you getting too cold."

You blushed a little at his thoughtfulness after taking the jacket from him. You put the jacket on quickly, making sure to button it up. "I'm ready now."

Before the two of you left, Jin quickly grabbed the small book. "Can't forget this."

Now, he was heading out the door, waiting for you to follow him out.

Jin started to walk the very same path we took last time to Yoongi's place. It was still daylight right now, but it was no doubt that by the time we would get back from going there, it would be dark.


The two of you were beginning to near Yoongi's place finally. The house was lit up, giving it a warm welcoming feel.

The only thing we didn't know for sure was that if he was even wide awake at this time. Jin had a good feeling that he should be up, but he didn't seem too sure at the same time.

It seemed that the past is what was scaring him  no matter the time he decides to go and bother with Yoongi. You couldn't really blame him, but eventually this whole situation had to have an answer.

Jin walked up to the door of the home, slowly bringing his fist up to knock on the door. He knocked so quietly, you wondered if Yoongi could even hear something so quiet.

After about a minute or two without an answer, it was decided that Yoongi didn't hear the quiet knock- as you expected. Jin would have to knock harder.

"Try knocking a little harder this time," you said.

Jin was a little hesitant. "But what if he didn't open the door because he's sleeping?"

You rolled your eyes, laughing at his sudden worry. "You did just fine the first time we came here. What's the difference?"

"You're right," he mumbled. He knocked harder this time with more confidence.

About five seconds later, the two of us heard a shout in the distance, and an angry one at that.


Both of you flinched, and Jin's eyes widened in fear. He was about the run, but you stopped him from doing so.

"You'll be fine," you reassured. You weren't really sure about that, but you said it anyway in hopes to calm him down.

There were loud stomps that could be heard, and they were definitely nearing the door. You let out a breath you were holding, preparing yourself for whatever disaster might happen.

The door flung open to show an angered Yoongi standing in front of us.

"Don't you guys know not to bother me at this hour?" he scolded angrily.

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