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"This can't be.. is it? " You asked yourself.

You stared at the shocking appearance in the mirror. The wolf's movements followed every single one of your movements, and slowly, you backed away from the mirror.

This isn't me. It can't be.

Did this have to do with Jin? He hasn't talked to you for a while, so why now? You remained in the bathroom, sitting on the floor in shock. 


That must be Eunji. You scrambled to the door, opening it with shaky hands, immediately pulling her inside, then slamming the door shut. 

"What's going on?" She was calm, but worried at the same time. 

Instead of responding, you grabbed her arm and dragged her all the way to the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror again. The wolf remained there, not disappearing once. 

"See! This is what I mean!" You said breathlessly.

Eunji had a confused expression on her face, "What do you mean? Nothing's there.."

You gulped, "What? B-but.. I'm telling you! It's there right now!" Your eyes were wide, desperately trying to get Eunji to believe you.

"I just see your face?" She responded, still confused. 

You sighed, worried. "I-I don't know what's going on with me."

Eunji didn't respond. She just stood there, watching you freak out. "Well, do you still want to go shopping with me..?" She asked hesitantly, putting her hands in her pockets. 

You sighed, "Sure." 

You got up, not looking in the mirror as you left the bathroom, and turned out the light. 

Maybe the shopping would help you forget what you just experienced. Just maybe.


"What do you think of this one?" Eunji spun a full circle, showing the dress at all angles. The dress was long and the color of pastel blue with a touch of glitter scattered throughout.

"It looks great on you." In all honesty, you weren't really paying much attention, but it was a distraction.

"What about you?"

You lifted your head up, "Hm?"

"Aren't you getting a dress?" She asked. You didn't really want to get a dress, considering you knew that you'd never wear it to begin with. Dresses weren't really something you liked to wear. The last time you wore a dress was at least two years ago or more.

She spoke at your lack of response, "Come on!"

She grabbed your wrist, forcing you to follow with her to look at all the dresses. You sighed, thinking about how long it's going to take.

"What about this black and white one? I think it'd look really cute on you!" She smiled, holding up the dress on you.

"It's alri-"

She cut you off, "Go try it on in there!" 

Eunji shoved you into the dressing room. 

You sighed once more, slowly changing into the dress. The dress was a bit short for your liking, but you couldn't lie- it was pretty.

To look at how it looked on, you turned around to face the mirror.

You were face to face with the reflection of the white wolf, again. You flinched, remembering that it would be best to avoid mirrors from now on. Before you were about to run out of the dressing room, you noticed something moving on the mirror. 

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