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"Full moon. It's a full moon."


There was a knock on the door.


You quickly ran to the door, preparing yourself for the worst. What would he be like? Was it already too late? 

You hoped not, but something told you it was definitely too late. 

Slowly you turned the doorknob and opened the door. A whimper was heard, and you could see Jin was in his wolf form.

His fur was all wet, since it was pouring outside for the past few minutes. He was looking down at the ground, so you couldn't see what color his eyes were.

The book was in his mouth, and he dropped it on the ground in front of where you stood.

You bent down to pick it up. The book was cold and wet, but you quickly dried it off, hoping that the pages would be okay.

It looked like the pages were only damp, thankfully, but you still wanted to make sure it was completely dry before taking the chances of ripping the page or ruining the book itself.

You wanted to thank Jin, but you weren't sure if he was quite.. there. He seemed kinda out of it.

Both Eunji and Jaehyun were standing behind you, but kept a good distance away from Jin. They, too, were unsure of the situation.

"Could you please put this in my room for now? Thanks." You handed the book to Eunji, and she headed off to put it away.

Jaehyun started grabbing you by the wrist in concern. "Y/N, I don't think it's safe to-"

A low growl erupted from Jin. He was baring his teeth, but he didn't lunge just yet. Jaehyun immediately let go on your wrist in fear. Last time Jaehyun offended Jin, he nearly got killed.

Pretty sure he wouldn't want to go through that process once more.

Jin's head lifted up, and he looked at you. You jumped a little, realizing that his eyes were a mixture of a pink and red. What did it mean?

You knew it was because of the moon, but you never fully understood what that meant for werewolves.

It almost made you shudder with the look in his eyes. It appeared to be sadness, but also anger. It was too hard to tell.

He was still growling, and he turned his head to look at Jaehyun. Jin was glaring at Jaehyun, as if preparing to attack.

Quickly, you stood in front of Jaehyun. You knew that Jin wouldn't hurt you, but you still had to be cautious just in case.

Jin didn't seem to calm down, so you didn't let your guard down. He is probably stuck in his wolf form for the night. 

You turned to face Jaehyun, and whispered, "You should probably go back to your room until I can get Jin away from everyone else. Tell Eunji to do the same, alright?"

"Will you be okay?" He whispered back, worried for you.

You nodded, even though you weren't so sure yourself.

Jaehyun ran off, not hesitating to do so after your response. Slowly, you approached Jin, hoping that you could calm the wolf.

You could see Jin's body relax a little, but he was still pretty tensed up for the moment. At this point, you were only roughly about a foot away from him.

Your hand inched towards his head, reaching its way to pet his head.

You felt him flinch a little under your hand, but he didn't back away from your hand.

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