Father ☾

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Jin started growling lowly at the letter underneath his paw. He was still sniffing it, and it appeared that he was really disliking something about the letter.

You tried to take the letter, but he continued to move it away from your reach.

"Jin? What is it? Tell me, please." 

No matter what you did, he wouldn't let you touch the letter. Maybe when he was back in his regular form he'd allow you to, but your not so sure about that.

You sighed, giving up, knowing that you shouldn't get him mad or anything especially when he was a wolf.

You began to just fall asleep, figuring that things would be figured out in the morning.

Jin pressed his body against you, and you wrapped your arm around him, turning out the lights to sleep.


You woke up before Jin, it seemed, and you slowly tried to part yourself from his arms.

He shifted a little, and his eyes gradually opened. "Morning.." he mumbled.

You smiled, replying back. "Morning. How're you feeling?"

He sighed, saying, "I feel a whole lot better now that I'm not in my wolf form."

"Wait- I didn't do anything, did I?" He asked suddenly, worried that he might've done something bad.

You shook your head 'no.' "You were fine, but you kept growling at any guy that was anywhere close to me."

He chuckled. "Really?"

You nodded, confirming it. "Eunji had to come into my room instead of Jaehyun to say something to me. Also, Seung-yoon came by to drop off two letters for me."

"Ah.. that seems familiar. What were the two letters, anyways?" Jin asked.

"The one was from Haneul, and the other- I don't really know. You wouldn't let me open it for some reason," you replied.

Jin seemingly remembered that part, but you highly doubted that he knew what the letter from Haneul said.

"Somehow, Haneul figured out that I have the book about the necklace, so yeah, that's what the first letter was for."

Jin nodded, taking in the information. "Don't worry so much about him, I can stop him if you need me to- he is at a lower rank than me after all now."

"I hope that wouldn't be needed, but thanks."

You sat up a little more, searching for the letter on the bed. Jin had it last, so you assumed it'd still be on the bed somewhere.

As soon as you found the letter, you held it up to him.

"Do you know whom this letter is from?" You asked, hoping to possibly know before opening the letter.

Jin paused, giving it a little bit of thought. "I think so, but I can't quite place it. There's obviously a reason my wolf didn't want you to open it.."

You sighed. "Alright. Should I just.. open it? I mean, I don't really know what else to do with it."

"I guess so."

Slowly, you began to open the envelope, revealing a small bag of something and a letter. That would probably explain why Jin's wolf was suspicious, because there was more than just a letter inside.

Jin quickly took the bag, inspecting it.

"What is it?" You asked, clueless of the contents in the bag. It was black dust, and black roses, but it seemed that the roses kept appearing.

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