Stranger ☾

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"Hello, Y/N. It's been a while. How are you?"

You turned your head towards the direction of the voice. The room you were in was a bit dark, but it had enough light for you to make out the figure.

The voice wasn't one you recognized, and nor was the figure someone you knew.

"Who the hell are you?" 

You got up, guarding yourself in case the man decided to attack. He was very tall, similar to Jin's height. His hair was very much like Jin's, but you knew it wasn't Jin. This man was different- but you weren't sure if it was in a good or bad way.

"Ah, right- where are my manners? I'm Haneul." He held out a hand to shake, but you refused.

"There's no need to be afraid, Y/N."

"H-how do you know my name..?" You stuttered as you backed up away from him. You hit a wall, and he continued walking towards you. Who did this man think he was? You've never seen him.. right?

"I'll go over that later. Would you like something to eat? You look hungry," he said, completely avoiding the question you asked. He acted as if this entire thing was normal to him while you were still confused.

That's right- Eunji was so busy dragging you from store to store that you hadn't even had the chance to have a lunch break. Something to eat now would be really nice.. but could you trust this man? For all you knew, he could try to poison you.

You decided to take the chance, considering that he was making some for himself. If he ate it first, then it would mean that it's okay, right? "Ah.. that would be nice.. thank you."

He gave you a small smile, then went to prepare food. You followed him into the kitchen, watching him make food.

"Is ramen suitable for you?" He asked, holding up two bags of ramen.

"Yes, that's good," you smiled at the thought of food. It felt like it had been a week since you last had something to eat, but it hadn't been more than a day.

You decided that now would be a good time to be asking questions. "So, Haneul.. why did you bring me here?"

He mumbled, "I guess you really don't know why you're here."

"What was that? I didn't hear you."

He shook his head, "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

You knew he said something, but it seemed that he didn't want to tell you. You let it slide for now, since he was the one taking care of you at this moment.

He placed one bowl of ramen in front of you, and the other bowl in front of him. He situated himself, then sat down next to you.

If he was eating it, then you assumed it was safe to eat. He was still a stranger to you, but yet he treated you like some friend of his. There was obviously a reason for all of his kindness.

You finished up the ramen, and started to get up to put the bowl in the sink.

"I'll get it for you." He stopped you in your tracks and took the bowl from your hands.

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