Consequences {PT. 1}

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Also this chapter is super short. Like 100 words. Don't complain please I'm trying my best.

Just remember you're important.
And keep reading cuz ya I finally updated woo-hoo.


How much can I dread something so much?

Maybe it's drinking coffee at 7 p.m without eating first... not only did that mess with my stomach, but my sleep schedule, too. But you know what? I'ma carry on.

I walk to my 3rd period Geometry. My hair goes ~swoosh~ while I walk because I'm actually walking with a bit of spring in my step. And I smile, too, because I'm too tired to comprehend my surroundings at a normal speed. No biggy.

I feel a poke at my shoulder. I turn around. "Hello? Oh, hi, Laurence."

"You sound tired." He chuckles.

"I am."

He smirks. "Do I need to carry you?"

I smile. "As lovely as that would be, I think I can manage. Have you heard from Garroth?"

"No, I haven't. I'm sorry."

"It's okay! That just means I can hang out with you more today!" I laugh.

His eyes seem to glimmer. "Okay, cool! I'll see ya at lunch?"

"Of course!" I smile.


4th period ends with me slamming my book shut in frustration. HOW LONG CAN GARROTH STARE AT ME WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING BEFORE IT BECOME AWKWARD? Like, two seconds. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want to force him to talk to me.

I dart down the hall and towards the cafeteria while thinking, ITS LUNCH TIME MOTHERF-{beeep}ERS.

Ending the chapter short for the sake of uploadinh SOMETHING today so I'm not a complete and utter failure.

i'm living for this chapter because of my 'sense of humor' and self deprecating jokes. HAHA MOOD.

Also I'm like spooper dooper not okay right now and I'm on the verge of just being, like, basically, mentally paralyzed because I'm so done with life.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter! <3

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