Tail Up!

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I comb out my hair. I sigh, dates are hard. What am I even gunna do with my hair? I don't wanna look stupid... Should I just leave it down... yeah, I'll do that.

And now, the most life-or-death situation of my night, deciding what to wear. I finally chose to wear an off-white dress and a leather jacket.

I run downstairs and twirl. "Is this okay, Trav?"

He nods and hugs me. "So, who'd you ask?"

"Well, Laurence picked me up this morning so..." I can't stop myself from smiling.

Travis gasps, "OMI GOSH! AWESOME!"

I laugh. "Yeah, I know right."

"Y/N HAS A CRUSH!" Travis yells.

"NU-UH!" I argue.


I groan. It's pointless to fight Travis on anything. "Whatever. When is Katelyn coming?"

"She should be here any minute.." He answers.

We sit down on the couch and watch some random TV shows. We don't wanna get attached to anything because we should be leaving soon.

The doorbell rings and Travis Usain-Bolts it to the door to open. He gives Katelyn a big hug and she looks disturbed. I laugh and skip over.

She pushes Travis away and looks right at me. "So, you're going with Laurence?"

"Yeah!" I grin. "How'd you know?"

"He wouldn't stop talking about it. He's super excited." She laughs. "So, is he gunna meet us there?"

I nod. "Yeah."

"Okay, then! Lets pile into the car!" Travis suggests.

When we arrive at the movies, I see Laurence leaning up against the wall. I exit the car and he smiles at me. As I approach him, so do a group of girls. I hear them giggle.

"Laurence! I didn't know you'd be here!" A blonde girl says.

He sighs. "I was trying to avoid some people.."

A purple haired one frowns. "Poor you! Those other girls always bug you! Like that Valkrum girl!"

"She doesn't bother me." He shakes his head. "She's really cool."

"Is she? We never get to talk to her. She seems stuck-up." The blonde replies.

"That's farthest from the truth, girls. Now, if you'll excuse..." He side steps away from them and walks towards me.

He hugs me. "Sorry about that."

The girl's from before glare at me. "It's okay. Do you know them?"

He nods. "Yeah, the purple-haired one is Michi, and the blonde's name is Shay. But, that's not important."

I smile. "Right. Let's go! Travis and Katelyn went in to get tickets."

We sit down in the theater. The commercials and ads are still playing.  I tap Katelyn's shoulder. "What are we watching?"

"Insidious." She answers.

I gasp. "NONONO!"

Laurence turns to me. "Are you okay?"


I hear Travis snicker. I groan, "TRAVIS! WHY?"

He just laughs and shakes his head. The movie comes on and I take a deep breath. It can't be that bad...

The movie basically starts with a jump scare, which is already a bit too much for me. I tense up and Laurence puts his hand on mine and rubs my palm with his thumb.

"Everything's gunna be fine." He whispers.

When the movie ends, I'm basically on the verge of tears, squeezing Laurence's hand on instinct. When we exit, everyone starts laughing at me.

"I didn't know you'd react that way or I wouldn't of let Travis pick this movie, Y/N." Katelyn says between giggle.

Laurence hugs me while he's wheezing. "It's alright. Next time, we'll just see the MLP movie."

I cross my arms. "Ha-ha. I wasn't that scared."

"Are you sure?" Travis says. "I see a pee stain on your white dress."

I gasp. "YOU'RE KIDDING..."

"Am I?" He chuckles.

I run to the bathroom and carefully inspect my dress in the mirror. Travis lied, nothing was wrong. I run back and punch him in the arm.

"Very funny!" I growl.

"But for real, Y/N. Your tail was sticking up the whole time, are you okay?" Laurence asks.

"I'm fine. I just... hate horror movies!" I grumble.

He hugs me again. "Sorry for laughing.."

Katelyn and Travis apologize, too. Laurence and I say our goodbyes, then we all head home.

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