Smoke and Fire

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I twirl around in my maroon dress and pretend to dance with a broom. My eye isn't so swollen now, it's just a bruise, but gosh darnit, it hurts.

I hear Travis yell, "Y/N, THEY'RE HERE!"

I run down to great them and trip on the stairs. I would've face planted, but a pair of strong arms catch me. My left ear twitches a bit when I see Garroth.

"Careful, there. We wouldn't want another bruise." He smiles.

Laurence groans and walks over to me, he engulfs me into a hug. "I'm sorry... let me see your eye."

I look up at him and he strokes the bruise with his thumb. "I wish that would've hit Garroth instead."

Garroth glares at him and he raises his hands up. "I'm just kidding, bro. You're my best friend."

I laugh. "You can really pack a punch, though."

They both laugh. Garroth smiles, "Are you guys ready to go?"

We nod and hop into his truck. Its an older truck, so there are three seats in the front for us to sit. We practically scream the lyrics to Fall Our Boy's song 'Irresistible' all the way the way there.

Laurence holds the door open for me and hands me a bouquet of red roses. I smile, "Thanks. When'd you get these?"

He laughs, "I left them in Garroth's car."

Garroth walks up to me and hands my another bouquet of flowers, only they're blue roses. Laurence mutters something.

"We can leave them in the car, if you'd like." Garroth suggests and I nod.

"Well, I have first half, so let's go!" Laurence smiles.

I nod as he hurries me inside. He twirls me around once we reach the door. I giggle and follow him to a circular table. We both sit down.

"You look really pretty tonight." He smiles.

I laugh. "Minus the bruise, though."

"You call it a bruise, I call it a mark of affection." He laughs.

(Dangit I gots to pee)

I frown a bit. "Why do you even like me? You could have your pick of anyone here, why me?"

"Well, you are the most stunning, intelligent girl here. And, you're special.." He begins.

"Not only that, but Garroth says that I can't chose him." He jokes.

(Or was he joking? Jkjkjk)

I laugh. He grins, "You look really pretty when you laugh."

My face turns red and he laughs at me.
"Wanna dance?"

I nod and he walks me onto the dance floor. He twirls me and pulls me close. He wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck. We sway back and forth to the rhythm of the slow song that's playing.

He whispers in my ear, "You look perfect."

I feel butterflies in my stomach as I lay my head in the crane of his neck. I feel a tap of my shoulder, so I pull away from Laurence and turn around.

"May I cut in?" That kid, Kai, from class asks politely.

Laurence grumbles and drops his hands, "I'll go get us some punch."

Kai and I get into position and start to dance. He smiles a bit, "Sorry to intrude with you and your date, but you looked really pretty and I couldn't pass up this opportunity."

"It's fine, really." I smile. "..A-And thank you."

Laurence comes back and clears his throat. "Anyways, Y/N, let's get back to our seats."

I nod and follow him. We drink out punch and talk about anime for a few minutes when Garroth approaches us. "Hi guys."

Laurence sighs, "Is it time already?"

Garroth nods. Laurence gets up and walks away. He smiles and sits next to me. He grabs my hand. "You look stunning."

I sigh. "Garroth..."

He tilts his head, "Yes?"

"..People have been talking to me, but all they've said is that I look pretty..." I frown.

He gasps. "Oh, no!"

"I-It's fine... I just need to know, are you just attracted to me for my looks?" I ask.

He shakes his head. "Of course not! You're special, Y/N."


He pauses for a minute, "Whenever you get excited, you do this weird- but adorable- thing with your hands.. And whenever you're sad, you refuse to admit it, because you try to be strong. And... when you get bored, you draw on your skirt."

I smile. He takes a second, then continues, "And whenever you're uncomfortable, you start to hum My Chemical Romance songs."

I chuckle. "How do you know all these things?"

"There's this connection that happened the first minute that I saw you, I wanted to protect you.. I wanted to hold you.. I wanted to make you feel as special as you made me feel..." He says, closing his eyes. 

I put my hand on his shoulder, "Garroth-"

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see the notorious Ein. I glare. "Go away."

He sighs. "Y/N, I'm sorry."

"Don't even." I groan.

"I'm trying to tell you something important, shut up." He says hostilely.

"Ein, whatever it is, save it. I do not want to hear it." I say icily.

He starts to panic, "Seriously, listen. I made a really big mistake, you need to get out of here."

I roll my eyes. "I'm not buying it."

"Please! Hurry!" He begs.

I shake my head. "Stop it. You're nothing but trouble, go away."

I hear a big bang and smoke flies.
I start coughing really badly, because the smoke is really thick. Garroth gasps, covering his mouth. He grabs my arm and starts to drag me outside.


The gym is fogged by thick grey clouds. I search around and see him leaning up against the wall, avoiding the smoke. I dash over and pulls his arm.

Through coughs, I manage to yell, "LETS G-GO!"

He pinches his nose and runs beside Garroth. They're both so fast that I eventually fall behind majorly. I try to pick up the pace, but I trip and fall over chairs and tables.

I lay on the ground, gasping for fresh air, unable to get up. I hear heavy footsteps and I feel Laurence pick me up and rush my outside.

There are blue and red flashing lights and I hear a woman yell, "That's everyone!"

I gasp for air, trying not to close my eyes in fear that it will be a while until I open them back up. I'm exhausted and I can barely breath.

He hugs me tightly and warms me as the cold air of the night stings me. I knew in that moment, that neither of these boys are gunna let anything bad happen to me, and I fall asleep in his arm.

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