It's a LOOOONG Story.

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I sit on my couch, watching Netflix and watching Doritos. I get to skip a day of school because of my injuries. I mean, I do have a doctors appointment later, but it shouldn't take too long.

I'm home alone until 1:00 today because dad is coming home early to take me to the doctor's office. Of course, Travis would've normally taken me... but my dad insisted that he go to school. They had a big argument about it last night.

To sum it up, Travis had told dad at dinner that I had to get a check up today. Dad was all like, 'Oh! I can take her.' and Travis said, 'No I got it.' and they got into it. I remember just walking upstairs and going to bed. But, while I was changing into my pajamas, I heard Travis say that dad was 'Never even there.' and asked him why he wanted to be so involved now.

It wasn't a big deal. My family normally gets along. They apologized this morning and Travis agreed to let him take me. My dad still feels guilty about arguing.

After all, that's what broke our family apart in the first place...


My phone vibrates on the leather couch next to me. I pick it up and look at the text from Garroth (or Gar-Gar, as my phone says it.)

G: Hey Y/N.

Y: Hey!

G: How are you feeling?

Y: Well, it still hurts a lot, but I can't take my medicine again for another 2 hours, sooo...

Y: But I'm okay.

G: When is your apt.?

Y: 1:00

G: Are you gunna be home by 4:00?

Y: Probably.

G: Okay. Thanks.

Y: You're so confusing Gar-Gar. Haha.

G: You'll see what I'm doing later.

G: But I gtg now, Mr. Sylor is gunna take my phone away.

Y: Okie! Baiiii!

I laugh and direct my attention to the front door where my dad stands. He is dancing to the theme song of the anime that I'm watching.

"Hey sweets! Are you ready to go?"

I nod and hop up, turning off the TV and grabbing my phone. "Let's lock and load!"

We hop into his black Ford F150. He has to help me up, because my legs are too short to just climb in, and I don't exactly have use of both my hands right now.

To sum up the doctor's visit, he checked on my arm, made sure that swelling hadn't gone down (it hadn't) and refilled my medicine. It took about 45 minutes. Short, but most definitely not sweet. Quite the opposite, actually. It was very painful.

At least dad made me laugh though. He kept making dad jokes.

And all was happy.

And relaxed.

And comfortable.

Until we got home.

At first, it was normal. I sat back down on the couch and watching Fairy Tail. Dad was in the kitchen, eating a turkey sandwich and doing some computer work. Then, at 3:30, Travis got home. He watched anime with me. Like I said, normal.

But then, at 4:00 (on the dot), the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Dad yells from the kitchen.

Travis mutters to me, "Its probably a protestant or a mormon."

I nod. They tend to come here a lot. Not that anything is wrong with that, it just tends to get a bit... annoying.

"Oh! Y/N! You have a visitor." Dad calls to me.

I raise my eyebrow and walk to the door. Travis follows me. I gasp, "Garroth?!"

There, to my embarrassment, stands Garroth. He was a bouquet of flowers, a tub of ice cream, and fluffy blanket in his hands. I turn red and facepalm.

Travis busts out laughing, "OH MY IRENE, BAHAHA!"

"Y/N, is this your boyfriend?" Dad asks.

I groan, "No! Nngh, Garroth! What are you doing?!"

Travis is rolling around on the floor. "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Garroth is trying to contain his laughter. "I thought you'd like some stuff."

"Is this a joke?"

"Y/N!" Dad gasps. "Be nice!"

"Y/N!" Garroth gasps, so fake that I'm surprised my dad didn't catch it. "I would neverrrr try to embarrass you in front of your family so they'd think we were dating!"

I groan, "Haha. Very funny."

I take the stuff from him. "I can tell you did this for fun, but I'm still taking the stuff."

"Pft! Thats-"

"Cya tomorrow, Garroth." I say with a smirk as I close the door.

My dad raises his eyebrow, "Do I want to know?"

I shake my head, "Probably not, it's a loooooong story."

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