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uM yeS// by the way this book should be finished by the end of the month but DON'T QUOTE ME ON IT- i'm prewriting another book at the same time and I have not been paying any attention to my Gene x Reader so um-

"Y/N!" A voice yells behind me as I'm walking out of the classroom. I turn around and see, non-other than the equivalent of the devil. Ein.

I glare at him and turn back around, walking away from him. He starts running towards me. "Y/N! Please, this is important!"

I tune him out and start walking towards where Laurence is normally at this time. Why? Because I know he and Garroth will beat him into the ground for me.


"Leave me the hell alone!" I say, raising my voice. I round the corner and see Laurence. I run to him. "Ein is being stupid, babe."

He hugs me to his side just as Ein rounds the corner. Laurence grabs him by his collar. "Leave her alone."

"Do you remember the last time you guys didn't listen to me? Y/N ended up in the hospital because she didn't listen to me when I told her to get out. SO LISTEN TO ME, SO SHE DOESN'T GET HURT AGAIN." He says, looking a bit insane as he speaks.

Laurence growls, "What is it?"

"The meifwa's are planning something horrible." He says.

Laurence blinks and starts laughing. "That's ridiculous. The cats don't give a crap about her. They never have, and never will. They normally leave people alone."

"Except for when their leader wants something. The cats are going on a frenzy." Ein says, panicked.

Laurence takes a deep breath and lets go of his collar. "What do you mean? You're losing me Ein."

"Kai, the leader of the meifwa, want to mate with Y/N and turn her into a meifwa." He whisper shouts. "Y/N, that's why he was asking you all of those questions."


"My point, exactly." Ein explains. "They're planning on taking her right after school."

I squeeze my eyes shut. I remember the extreme pain that I felt when I got these ears and tail. Now, getting these cut off and going through the whole experience again? Unbearable.

"This isn't happening... not again. No, no, no, no... It can't be happening again.." I shake my head in denial and point my finger at Ein. "YOU'RE LYING!"

He throws his hands up in the air. "I wish I was."

"How do I know... that you're being honest?! You could be lying to me, again!" I shout.

"You can either trust me, or not trust me. But you're gunna want to trust me, because I assure you, I'm telling the truth." He says, calmly. He touches my hand. "I know you're under a lot of stress right now..."

I kick him in the shin. "HM, I WONDER WHY?"

He winces a bit. "Suit yourself. Laurence, I suggest you get in contact with me so we can figure out how to protect her as soon as possible."

Ein starts to walk away, but Laurence stops him. "Ein!"

He turns around. "Yes?"

"Tell me. How can I protect her?" He ask.


"Y/N, I don't think he's lying. Please, have some faith." He pleads. "I want to make sure you're safe..."

I cross my arms. Ein walks towards us and sits on a bench. "Let's chat."

He pats the bench, signaling for us to come sit next to him. We sit, Laurence between Ein and I. I pout. This is an extremely bad idea. I hug Laurence's arm as Ein explains.

He pulls out a piece of paper with a diagram on it. He points to one part of it. "This is the process they'll use to remove the ears. They won't just cut them, it's neurosurgery."

"How are a bunch of high schoolers going to perform neurosurgery?" Laurence asks.

Ein shrugs. "I don't know. This is just what one of the wolves found in the meifwa clubroom yesterday. Anyways, as for the tail, that comes right off. Medically cut."

I wince. "This sounds painful."

"Mhm. And..." He scans the paper. "They don't mention any methods to putting you under or numbing, so you'd most likely be fully conscious and aware."

I squeeze Laurence's arm. He pats my head. Ein continues, "Then, they have a serum that they had the science club come up with that will, hypothetically, make your ears and tail grow back, but more meifwa like. This serum is, supposedly, injected with a large needle into the upper arm. It would take about... 4 minutes to run through your body? And the ears and tail would grow back in almost two weeks."

Laurence nods. "Okay, well, how are we going to avoid this?"

"Two options. The first one has a high fail rate. They had plans of catching her at, either, right after last period, while she's at her locker, or, if all else fails, at her home." He explains. "We could take her out of school early and take her home, but they could still get her there. So the plan was to take her to someone else's house, but they won't stop at anything to get her. So they'd most likely find her there."

Laurence takes a moment to absorb this. "Okay... whats the other option?"

"We let them take her, but we follow them, and once she arrives there, the few meifwa's there have to gather everything, so we could take them out and rescue Y/N. This one has a less likely fail rate.. but it's very dependent on Y/N having faith that this will work. Because if she seems suspicious, they won't leave her alone, which will ruin our chances at rescuing her. And, if we don't come as soon as she suspected, she could get anxious and try to escape by herself, which would also ruin it."

I take a shaky breath. Laurence hugs me. He's taking deep breaths as well. He whispers to me, "We should do plan two... it most likely won't harm you."

I tremble. "B-But... what if it does?"

He kisses my head. "I won't let it get that far. You know I won't."

I take a very deep breath and nod. "Okay..."

He turns to Ein. "We should do the second option."

He claps his hands. "Lovely. Well, um, not lovely... but it's the best option."

He nods. "Right. So... now we wait."

jk it was gunna happen anyway.


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