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The New Girl (Mystreet X Reader) by the761_aarmaufan
The New Girl (Mystreet X Reader)by Rebecca Black
You are a Meifwa. You had run away from a life of abuse from your father, you find a new street to move onto. It's called Mystreet. You meet new people that quickly beco...
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Laurence x Reader |✅| His Name Is Zvahl by EvThePurpleMeifwa
Laurence x Reader |✅| His Name ⁺ ˚. * ✦ ᴇᴠ .⁺˚.* ✦
❝ I hate you ❞ ❝ Don't worry, I love you too ❞ Y/N L/N, and Laurance Zvahl, hate eachother. Irene knows why. The only refer to one another as L/N and Zvahl. Until a se...
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Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [COMPLETED] by VCReading1098
Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [ V
1st Book Of The Laurance x Reader Series <<<<<<<<<Main Books>>>>>>>>> -1st Book: Best Friends? -2nd Book: We Meet A...
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Hidden In High School ~ (Garroth x Reader) by Adolphax
Hidden In High School ~ (Garroth x Adolpha x
Highschool is hard enough as it is. Homework, tests, higher expectations, stress. But it's even harder for you. Your favorite person in the world was shot in front of yo...
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Travis' Little Sister by birdline_
Travis' Little Sisterby Elle <3
Y/n Valkrum is Travis Valkrum's 13 year old sister. After an incident happens, Y/n is forced to live with her 18 year old brother, Travis, and his roommates. (You will n...
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Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader] by FriendsWithFandoms
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader]by Mystic
~MyStreet Themed~ After seeing Aaron and Aphmau perfectly together it makes Zane want to find love. He's tired of being teased by his siblings and ALWAYS Travis Aphmau...
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Mystery | Garroth X Reader by _aglowscarlet_
Mystery | Garroth X Readerby _aglowscarlet_
"You will never know anything about me unless I want you to know it." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When the new mystery in town moves in right next to the R...
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Neighbors (Laurence x Reader) PDH {COMPLETED} by GigaByyte
Neighbors (Laurence x Reader) GigaByyte
(Y/n) just moved to a new city. She's now got to adjust to a new home, a new school, new friends, and new competition. Also (Y/n) has to deal with her new neighbors. Dur...
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(ON HOLD/COMPLETED?)) The Truth Untold   /Laurence X Reader/ by Oreo_Kookies
(ON HOLD/COMPLETED?)) The Truth Pornesian Parapio
Y/n Romeave. The youngest child of Zianna and Garte. Y/n grew up hiding a secret, the secret that only the Lycan family knows about. She grew up with a lot of people t...
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Mystreet/PHD/MCD Aphmau Lemons/Boyfriend Preferences by AshBakaSan
Mystreet/PHD/MCD Aphmau Lemons/ T.R. Ash
It is what it is, dudes and dudettes. These are some lemons I make, with x Reader or sometimes I'll do my OC with a character! Yayy... idk what this is supposed to say...
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The Dance Partner (Laurence X Reader) by delaney_fanfics
The Dance Partner (Laurence X 💕Delaney💕
You are 16 years old. You've been attending Phoenix Drop High for a year and no one has talked to you. That's a bit of an exaggeration; people talked to you, to borrow...
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Various X Reader Fluff Oneshots! (Feel free to request!) by TeenageLonerGal
Various X Reader Fluff Oneshots! ( TeenageLonerGal
Many oneshots from many, many different fandoms! Feel free to request! These are the fandoms included in this book: MCU Voltron Soul Eater Girl Meets World Once Upon A...
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by miss-fanfictions
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby miss-fanfictions
This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~
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Love [ GARRENCE ] by Ryleigh_Ann
Love [ GARRENCE ]by Ryleigh Ann
[ COMPLETE ] Your my best friend, I don't want to lose you. I need you with me. I don't know if I feel this way or not... I love you... WARNING THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK! MA...
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Forever (Laurence x Reader) by delaney_fanfics
Forever (Laurence x Reader)by 💕Delaney💕
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO "Always": Y/n Rose, had changed her last name to escape the secrecy that is her past. The guard that was once on top of the world, havin...
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Her wings (Laurence & Garroth x reader) {Discontinued!} by dicarusflew
Her wings (Laurence & Garroth x rose
F/N ran away from her village Fireheart after Zane killed her family. Her brother had disappeared mysteriously a year before. Then, she comes to Phoenix drop and things...
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More Than Friends||Laurence X Reader (COMPLETE) by summertime_sweetie
More Than Friends||Laurence X stubs
Y/N Valkrum is Travis' younger sister. She finally entered Phoenix Drop High as a freshman a year behind her older brother. She knows Travis is a flirt and she's used to...
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Phoenix Drop High x Reader by FreeFlyer68
Phoenix Drop High x Readerby FreeFlyer68
Y/n is a new student at Phoenix Drop High. Entering her freshman year and moving to a new school isn't perfect like a lot of people think it is. Especially when you make...
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Minecraft Diaries: Competion by snkforlyfe
Minecraft Diaries: Competionby ToniEatsTomatoes
The MCD characters will compete for the win! If somebody already did this, not trying to copy!!!
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Lover Boy Travis x Reader by FreeFlyer68
Lover Boy Travis x Readerby FreeFlyer68
Y/n knew Kawaii~Chan when she was in college/university. Y/n finally got in touch with Kawaii~Chan after a few years and Kawaii~Chan told her there was an open house she...
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