A/N: Tagged, ew.

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Not a chapter. I was tagged and... ew.

1: I'm 5"1 and done growing

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1: I'm 5"1 and done growing. (height)
2: N/A. I ain't telling ew I'm insecure. (weight)
3: I wear a size four shoe... I have small feet.
4: yassss but why should you care. (virgin?)
5: Nope. (ever smoked?)
6: Everyone calls him "daddy who" or "jakey" because thats my friends. (crush?)
7: Rae, bow down you peasants. (middle name)
8: ew no. (tattoos)
9: no i dont but i wont discriminate if you do. (want tattoos?)
10: nooo (ever gotten drunk?)
11: atm, it's a fabulous lady named Taylor and that's all you need to know. don't ask about cameron. (best friend?)
12: definitely not death, probably something like spiders... (biggest fear?)
13: when people won't take no as an answer. but i have a lot of pet peeves lol. (pet peeves)
14: atm? everything. (thing i hate about myself)
15: atm? nothing. (thing i like about myself)
16: it's complicated. (relationship status)
17: yeesus this is deep. everything? is that an okay answer? (insecurities?)
18: high hopes by p!atd (fave song)
19: everything. (music style)
20: eight. (fave number)
21: i'd rather not.. it's personal and deep. (favorite dream)
22: a cookie. (last thing i hate)
23: from daddy who asking what the call time was for our play tonight. (last text)
24: a lot of people. can't describe like, 1/17th of them in under a minute. (person I hate)
25: N/A. (first kiss)
26: i can't remember any... (childhood confession)
27: N/A. (dream date)
28: thats personal. (ever cut yourself?)
29: yes. (been hospitalized?)
30: no. (been suspended)
31: no. (been expelled)
32: capital "G" gr8 and I was square up to anyone who disagrees. (same sex marriage opinion)
33: idk. (opinion on haters)
34. anyone who says this is fine is not mentally okay. (opinion on animal abuse?)
35: my younger brother used to call Gatorades "mysteries" and idk why. (childhood memory)
36: library. (favorite place)
37: ew thats private info (fathers name)
38: Baby Limbs or Munchkin (nickname)
39: there was a huge claw that tried to kill me inside walmart. scary. (worst nightmare)

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