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Sorry for the long time without an update. (Cody saying, "B*TCH" is the only thing keeping me alive RN xD)

My eyes flutter open to a white hospital room. I start to cough a bit. The room smells like bleach and hand sanitizer. My lungs hurt, but my left arm is numb.

I struggle to lift my head up. I see Travis sitting next to my bed. He smiles at me, "Some first dance, right?"

I laugh hoarsely. "I know right. It exceeded my expectations."

He laughs and asks, "Do you need more pain killers?"

I shake my head. "No, not really. What even happened?"

"A ginormous fire occurred at the dance. While you were running out, you tripped. You inhaled a lot of smoke, but, the big thing is, you broke your arm." He sighs.

I groan, "Lovely."

He smiles. "You did keep saying Laurence's name in your sleep. Do you want me to get him?"

I shake my head and roll my eyes. "No, but I could use some water. My throat hurts."

He nods, "I'll get you the tall drink of water, and the cup."

"Travis! No!" I shout. Well, not really shout. I can't do that in my current condition.

About 2 minutes of stressing later, Laurence walks in with a smile on his face. "You called?"

I roll my eyes and laugh. "Are you okay?"

"I literally escaped with one bruise, nothing else." He laughs, "and you're worried about me?"

"Well, you carried me out so..." I chuckle awkwardly. "Did you pull you arm out of socket with all the weight?"

(Me af^*)

He rolls his eyes, "You were as light as a feather, hun."

I sigh and squeeze my eyes shut. The medicine must've worn out because all of a sudden, my arm starts hurting really bad. I take a few breaths and try to keep my composure while Laurence is in the room.

Laurence frowns and pushes the button on the wall to call in a nurse. I groan, "No...!"

He sighs. "You need some help right now, Y/N. Don't worry, you should be released soon enough."

A nurse walks in and smiles at me, "Does it hurt, honey?"

I wince and shake my head. I exhale a big breath of air, "No."

She shakes her head and puts a liquid into my IV bag. "This will put you under for a bit and numb your arm. You need to rest."

"No......" I say, starting to feeling dizzy. The walls start to spin and everything is oddly contorted.

Laurence sits in the seat next to the bed and kisses my hand, "Don't worry. I'll sit here with you."

I try to respond with, "You don't have to", but I'm sent spiraling into a highly sedated sleep.


Beep, beep. Beep, beep. Beep, beep.

My eyes won't open, but I know that I'm awake now. I hear voices beside me getting into a mild argument. I want desperately to see who they are, but my eyelids just won't cooperate.

One of the voices is easily recognizable, it's Garroth. "She obviously was just freaking out."

"I dunno man," Laurence's deep voice replies. "Pretty random of her to be saying my name."

"Maybe Travis just didn't say that she said my name, too."

"Maybe, but I know for a fact she said mine."

The beeping sound subtlety accelerates.

Beep, beep, beep. Beep, beep, beep.

He groans, "This would've all been different if you couldn't speak Spanish, then I would've went to the dance with her and she wouldn't of gotten hurt."

"Oh, so you think she only liked me for speaking a foreign language?" He scoffs.

Garroth laughs. "Yep, Spanish is super seductive."

Beep, beep, beep, beep. Beep, beep, beep, beep.

"Maybe she just likes me for me. Ever consider that?"

"No, cuz that's impossible."

"Sure, sure."

I finally force my eyes to flutter open. I groan just a tiny bit because my arm is tingling. Both of the boys' heads turn towards me and their faces light up.

"Y/N! You're awake!" Laurence smiles.

Garroth beams, "Are you feeling better?"

I nod a bit as a nurse walks into the room. "Y/N Valkrum? Your family is waiting in the lobby. You're being released."

I smile and carefully stand up.

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