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I smile. Kai is pretty funny and kind. We have a few classes together, but thats it. I sit by the fountain, sketching in my sketchbook.

"Hey, you're Y/N right?" A familiar voice asks.

I glance up. "Tis I, and you are.."

I observe his brown hair and green eyes. He's probably someone I met this morning. Names start racing my mind. Kai.. Ein.. Katelyn.. Aphmau.. Garroth..

"Oh! You're Laurence, right?" I smile.

He nods, "Yeah. You're probably the only the person who has ever forgotten my name before."

"Great. So I assume those fangirls over there are yours?" I smirk, raising my eyebrow.

He shrugs, "I wouldn't call them fangirls.."

"I would." I say, closing my sketchbook.

"They mean nothing to me really.." He says quietly. "I just have to pretend that.."

"Oh, so playboy? It isn't fair- how you lead them on and such." I sigh.

He smirks, taking both of my hands and pulling me to feet. Our faces are close, almost touching.

"It isn't fair how you lead me on, but tomorrow you'll be hanging out with the dog and cat instead of me." He says seductively, yet exasperated.

My sketchbook drops to my feet and my face heats up. I play it off though. "Pfft, you mean Ein and Kai? And I'm leading you on? I'm certainly not trying to."

He sighs and lets go of my hands, then he hands me my sketchbook.

"Garroth, this one isn't any fun." He groans.

"Excuse me?!"

"Sorry for the rudeness, needed to see if you were like the others. Congratulations! You're unique!" He yells as he runs backwards.

I scoff and clutch my sketchbook to my chest. "What an idiot.."

Suddenly, I fall backwards. "Agh!"

On instinct, I shut my eyes tightly. When I open them, I see Ein on top of me. My face turns bright red.

"E-Ein!" I flush.

"Oh my Irene! I-I'm so sorry, Y/N!" He shouts.

My first instinct is to scream, so I do. "AH!"

"Sh! Why are you screaming?!" He panics.

"I-I don't know!" I shout.

I glance behind Ein and see Travis.


I blink. Ein freaks out and falls directly onto me.

"I SAID GET OFF!" He yells, pulling Ein by the back off of me by the back of his shirt.

"T-Travis! It was an accident!" I yell.

"Hmph... alright." He puts Ein down. I know Travis is too weak to beat him up, but he has strong friends..

"T-Thank you sir!" Ein says.

"Whatever. Just respect her.." He grumbles.

"Travis! We aren't dating or anything! He's just a friend! Chill out!" I say.

He rolls his eyes and walks away.

"Again, sorry about that.. But I was wondering who you were just talking to?" He asks- says? I dunno.

I tilt my head. "Oh, Laurence?"

"Yeah. Are you two dating or something?" He asks politely.

I fume up. "Me?! That idiot?! No way!!"

"Oh, good." He sighs with relief.

"Y/N, DAD'S HERE TO PICK US UP." Travis yells.

"Well, I gotta go. Here's my number, if you want it- I guess..." I say, handing him a piece of paper with my phone number.

He smiles and waves as I run to my dad's car.

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