Coffee Date

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I twiddle my thumb's under the dashboard of Laurence's car. He came to pick me up, like he promised, at 5:15, on the dot. I saw his jeep pull up and honestly freaked. I thought he was joking.

"So... where are we going?" I ask.

He smiles and makes a left. "A sweeeeet coffee joint."

"You drink coffee for dinner?" I ask, laughing."

He chuckles, "Thats why I'm never tired."

"Makes sense, you're like.. Superman or something." I giggle.

"Even Superman gets tired sometimes."

"Hm.. I never really thought of it that way." I say, forcing myself into silence afterwards.

He laughs, "Sorry if that got a bit too deep. It's just a quote that my sister Cadenza showed me off of Pinterest."

"I never knew you had a sister!" I exclaim. "What's she like?"

"Like... the less awesome, more geared towards practical stuff, version of me. We were both adopted by Hayden, and although we don't come from the same family... it's pretty easy to believe we do." He explains, keeping a wide smile on his face despite talking about heavy topics. "What about your family?"

"Well, there's Travis... and he's like a father figure to me. Then, there's my actual dad, Terri, and he... well, let's just say he's gone a lot. And my mom... we don't even know where she is.. Dad said probably California or something, where she could have a better life." I tell him.

"Ohhh. I'm sorry, you didn't have to talk about that. I know from experience it can be... rough, even to think about it, nonetheless explain it." He apologizes sincerely.

I shake my head. "It's okay. But, let's talk about happy stuff now!"

He parks the car and opens the door for me. "Like.. cappuccinos?"

"And macchiatos!" I giggle.

We start to walk towards the coffee shop, with a huge sign saying, "Pepi's". I internally laugh at the name, and say it over and over in my head. I feel Laurence gradually slide his hand onto mine. I smile.

We walk in. Laurence gets me a Caramel Macchiato and he gets a plain espresso. "Dang," I say. "You drink strong coffee."

"The stronger the coffee, the stronger the man." He grins.

I snort. "Another Pinterest thingy?"

He nods and we both start laughing. I take a sip of my drink, as does he. I smirk, "I can smell the pure coffee beans from across the table."

"I wouldn't be surprised if Cadenza texts me asking if I'm drinking espresso, cuz it's strong." He jokes.

We talk for a while, laughing at jokes occasionally and having a very.. chill time. Laurence is a very easy person to talk to. The conversation just glides.

Then the topic of Garroth comes up.

"Have you heard from him?" I ask.

Laurence contemplates for a second. "I did."

My eyes widen. "Is he okay? I feel so bad."

"Yeah, and so does he." He explains. "His mom explained to him that he probably really hurt you by doing that, and that it was just a misunderstanding and stuff. He felt really guilty."

"Aww... I feel bad."

"Don't feel bad! He called me when I got home from school and told me to make you feel happy, because it's all his fault."

"Is that the only reason we're doing this...?" I frown.

"No! I was gunna do it either way, because you deserve to be happy." He explains hastily.

"Oh." My lip tugs down a bit. "When will he talk to me again?"

"Like a said, a few days, but not because he's mad. He's just guilty, it'll take a few days for him to come around." He says. "But don't worry!"

I nod.


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