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Little Dove (Gene x Reader) | Phoenix Drop High by Chloe3256
Little Dove (Gene x Reader) | The Fancy Cookie Monster <3
"Come on Little Dove" Gene whined, "Teach me how to be good." After coming in contact with Phoenix Drop High's so called "bad boy", (Y/n) h...
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The Ro'Meave Sister by Aphlceland
The Ro'Meave Sisterby A-Chan
A PDH fanfiction, all characters expect the main, you, belong to Aphmau. The fanart on the cover belongs to Sharkkisser09 on DeviantArt! Some of the story plot will be u...
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Gene X Reader by XxqueenceiraxX
Gene X Readerby LBwritesfanfics
"All the Ro'meaves are just annoying and dumb!" Or so Gene thought..... Y/N is the youngest of the Ro'meave siblings and is in her self a dazzling beauty just...
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Snooter for Love // Daniel x Reader by SaladShark
Snooter for Love // Daniel x Readerby Salad Shark •̀.̫•́✧
Snooter for Love Previously the Number 1 story in the #DanielXReader tag The Number 6 in the #MyStreet tag - A Daniel X Reader, from the universe of MyStreet, created by...
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Laurence x Reader |✅| His Name Is Zvahl by EvThePurpleMeifwa
Laurence x Reader |✅| His Name ⁺ ˚. * ✦ ᴇᴠ .⁺˚.* ✦
❝ I hate you ❞ ❝ Don't worry, I love you too ❞ Y/N L/N, and Laurance Zvahl, hate eachother. Irene knows why. The only refer to one another as L/N and Zvahl. Until a se...
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The Pain, Redux(Ivy x Abused Male Reader Rewrite) by ASnazzyGuy
The Pain, Redux(Ivy x Abused Only The Snazziest
(Cover Art Found at Get up, get hit. Go to school, get hit. Go home, get hit. Go to slee...
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The Pain.... (Phoenix Drop High Ivy x Male Abused Reader) by ASnazzyGuy
The Pain.... (Phoenix Drop High Only The Snazziest
Pain. All you felt was pain. Pain inflicted by your school bully Ivy. Pain inflicted by your parents, who had gotten into drinking. Pain felt from old friends leaving yo...
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Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [COMPLETED] by VCReading1098
Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [ V
1st Book Of The Laurance x Reader Series <<<<<<<<<Main Books>>>>>>>>> -1st Book: Best Friends? -2nd Book: We Meet A...
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Aaron x Blaze by Aapprriicoottee
Aaron x Blazeby Apricote something
If you don't like sex or yaoi, I wouldn't read this But you may read this at your own risk ;)
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Gene x reader: Bad love by marianaoa11
Gene x reader: Bad loveby Potato
{ SO PROUD I'M DOING THIS HUEHUE} [RECOMMEND FOR GIRLS AND GENE LOVERS LIKE ME] Summary: Y/N was new to highschool and wanted to start over your life. You hid secret...
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Aphmau ⓞⓝⓔⓢⓗⓞⓣⓢ by paria__
Aphmau ⓞⓝⓔⓢⓗⓞⓣⓢby spiderman's bb
[ requests open ]
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Sad, Depressed, and then He Came Along | Zanvis, Garrance, Vylante by Tris_Yokamere
Sad, Depressed, and then He Came not currently active
"Today might just be a sort of okay not very bad kind of good day! Or at least that is what we can hope for!" Garroth, Zane, and Vylad, the Ro'meave brothers...
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Blaze x Reader  (Aphmau Fan fiction)  by Animoomai
Blaze x Reader (Aphmau Fan Animoo
Y/n L/n is a new student attending Phoenix Drop High. What will happened when her friend Aphmau introduces her to Blaze, a handsome werewolf.
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Someone's Little Sister: A Laurance X Reader by JustAnotherDream_15
Someone's Little Sister: A Grace
{#1 in Aphmau} {Won Best Audio/Visual Fanfiction and Best Fanfiction Plot in the Fanfiction Awards} "Y/N, I love you. I don't want to lose you. Will you marry me...
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More Than Friends||Laurence X Reader (COMPLETE) by summertime_sweetie
More Than Friends||Laurence X stubs
Y/N Valkrum is Travis' younger sister. She finally entered Phoenix Drop High as a freshman a year behind her older brother. She knows Travis is a flirt and she's used to...
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Forbidden...Love?  A Laurence X Reader Fanfic  *BOOK 1* by CGC1017
Forbidden...Love? A Laurence X Non-Existent really
♡Hey guys CC here! (CGC) (I do not own any of these characters they all respectably to Aphmau)^-^ Enjoy~ Love Ya You are Garroth's younger sister and you just started h...
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Not As Bad !FINISHED! (Zane x Female!Reader : PDH) by RainbowCake2004
Not As Bad !FINISHED! (Zane x RainbowCake2004
It's your junior year in high school. You haven't really made many friends throughout your entire life so you're a loner. You trust on yourself and yourself alone, you k...
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Aphmau Reader Oneshots [Slow Updates] by orange-juicey
Aphmau Reader Oneshots [Slow Klondike Bar
A random collection of oneshots for pretty much any character from any Aphmau series. [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED UNTIL I CATCH UP] -Characters can be either girl or boy. -Fluf...
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Dark Secret - Zane x Vampire!Reader by AsuRose
Dark Secret - Zane x Vampire!Readerby Asuna Rose
(Y/n), who was currently 16, had lived her whole life in darkness. Her parents joked that she was a vampire, but they were telling the truth without even knowing it. The...
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Game Over - Phoenix Drop High Aaron x Werewolf!Reader by AsuRose
Game Over - Phoenix Drop High Asuna Rose
(y/n), a beautiful 17 year old girl who has always been homeschooled, isn't anything like your average girl. Well, for starters, the has dog ears and a tail, and locks h...
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