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I wanted to name this chapter, "hoSpiTAL, yEET"
oof I promise I'll update my other books soon enough. my new medicine has me effed up.
also this book is almost over.

My eyes flutter open. I can't imagine how long I've been unconscious for. It feels like it was a long time. Even though I'm awake, I can't find the strength to raise my voice above a whisper.

"Hello...? Hello...?" I whisper. My voice sounds very croaky and weak. No one responds so I attempt it again. "Hello...? Hello?"

I lift myself off the bed a bit to where I'm sitting. That makes a head turn. I smile a bit and croak. "Hi Dad."

"Oh... Y/N!" He runs over and hugs me, making me cough a bit because his impact. "Sorry, hun. Are you okay?! How are you feeling?!"

"I honestly don't know, Dad. I'm just kinda numb everywhere." I tell him, trying to raise my volume a bit.

He frowns. "Lay down. I need to get the nurse in here."

I nod and do as he asks. He presses the call button on the wall. Almost instantly, a man in a nurse's uniform walks in. Dad smiles at him and waves. The man smiles and waves back, then, he turns to me.

"How are you feeling?" He asks me.

"Numb." I say, giving him a thumbs up.

He gives me a friendly thumbs up, too. "Great. Would you like some water?"

I nod. He walks out the door and returns in about... half a minute with a bottle of water. "There you go. Anything else?"

I shake my head. "Thanks."

"No problem." He nods and walks out.

I turn to my dad. "Hey, dad?"


"Would it be okay for Laurence to come in...? If he's here..." I ask.

He jumps up out of his seat. "Oh! I forgot! He asked to see you when you woke up! He and another blond boy decided to stay until they kicked them out."

I smile. "Awesome."

"I'll go get them." He says. "You stay here and... how many times do I have to tell you to lie down?"

"Sorry. I got excited." I laugh and lay back down.

He speed walks out of the room. I take a sip of my water. Then, my brown haired boyfriend walks into the room. He closes the door, but stays relatively close to it. He takes a deep breath.

I sit up and open my arms. "Come here, you goofball!"

He runs over and gives me a hug, laughing. He squeezes me tight. He lays his head in the crook of my neck. His voice is muffled when he says,  "I thought you wouldn't forgive me.."

"Why wouldn't I forgive you?" I ask running my fingers through his hair.

"I broke my promise..."

I hug him tighter. "Its okay... it happens, hun."

He lets me go. "I still think that you should be mad at me. Anyways, you should lay down so your dad doesn't kill me."

I laugh a bit. "Right."

He sits next to the bed and holds my hand. "So, here's what happened last night. It was Ein, Garroth, Kawaii~Chan, who's a meifwa friend of ours, June, who's also a meifwa friend of ours, and me. We were there on time because we didn't hear any screaming, but Kai had locked the basement door. The two meifwa's tried to figure out the four digit code, but, it didn't work, so Garroth busted down the door. That's when you screamed bloody murder. We ran downstairs and, dang, there was so much gore."

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