Laurence's House

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Laurence and I sit on his bed and cuddle. His room has light grey walls and white carpet. He was a full size bed with green plaid bedding. The window is open and his new German Shepard puppy, Edward, is laying down in the doorway.

Laurence and I don't really talk. We just sit there, enjoying each other's company. I've never been to his house before, so I'm kind of just taking in the environment. It's a really pretty house, too. It's got three rooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living room/kitchen.

He kisses my head and breaks the silence by calling for his dog. "Edward, come here boy."

The dog comes trotting onto the bed. He licks my face and I let out a little laugh. Laurence chuckles, "I think he likes you. I might have to tell him that you're already taken."

I pet Edward. "He's so cute.."

He sniffs my hand, and then his head perks up and he starts to bark. "Edward! Shush!"

He nudges Laurence's hand and barks again. "Alright, boy, I'm coming." He turns to me. "That probably means my dad or Cadenza is home, I'll be right back."

"L-Laurence! Won't they freak out that I'm here?!" I gasp.

He laughs and shake his head. "No, no. They're very chill when it comes to this stuff. My dad trusts me."

I let out a little sigh of relief and smile a bit. Laurence smiles, too, and stands up. "I'll be right back. Edward, stay here with Y/N."

Edward barks once and then hops up onto the bed with me. He sits down next to me, and he looks very alert, almost like he's protecting me. Laurence walks downstairs and I look at Edward.

"You're such a good boy." I smile. He licks my hand and I giggle.

Laurence walks back in. "It was just my dad. He's gunna order in some take-out.. so, he was wondering if you wanted to stay and eat?"

"O-Oh! I don't wanna intrude or anything..! I could go home!"

He sighs, "Can I be honest?"

I nod. He continues, "I want you to stay. I know that Travis is off on that school trip and your dad is working and I don't want you to be home alone when you're not feeling your best."

"Aww..." I smile.

He kisses my hand. "Will you stay?"

"Okay, okay. You've convinced me." I beam.

He smiles brightly, "Yayyy! DAD, SHE SAID SHE'D LIKE TO STAAAAYYYYY~!!"

I laugh. He flops onto the bed. Edward licks his face and he laughs. "Edward! Edward! Buddy, stop!"

I pull the pup away and Laurence sits up. Laurence is sitting directly in front of me. He smiles and leans in and kiss me gently. I gasp a bit and kiss back. He bits on my lower lip, asking for entrence, I oblige and let his tongue explore my mouth. He lays me down on the bed and continues kissing me. I grip onto his shirt and gently push him away when he starts to unbutton my shirt.

"Laurence, c-can we not do that yet..?" i ask.

He nods and buttons the couple of buttons that he had undone."Of course. We can do something else, that's completely okay."

I smile and kiss his cheek. He helps me sit up and Edward whimpers. Laurence pats the bed next to him. He puts his arm around my shoulder and turns on the TV. We start watching a movie, and then, a bit later, Laurence's dad yells that the food is here.

Laurence hits pause on the movie. "Do you want to go downstairs to eat or do you want me to just bring our food up here? Don't feel pressured to go meet them, they'll understand if you don't want to go mingle."

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