These Words are Knives that Often Leave Scars...

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I'm making a mystic messenger book. It's one shots and scenarios.

THEME WARNING!!! Later on in this chapter, Y/N gets called some names!!!
Laurence and I walk down the hallway, fingers intertwined. I can feel the eyes of guys (and even some girls) on me and I can practically hear some of them whispering mean things about me.

He kisses me on the cheek right outside my third period class. "I'll cya later."

I smile and nod, "Gotcha."

I sit at my desk, next to Kai. He smiles, "Hello! Do you remember me?"

"Kai, I sit next to you everyday. Of course I remember you." I cackle.

"Well.. I've introduced myself to you, like, three times before and you haven't remembered..." He sighs.

I blink. "Really?"

"Yeah.." He rubs the back of his neck.

"Sorry. Life is just.. bleh. Hopefully I don't forget you again... That would make me even more of a terrible person." I say.

"Oh! Don't take it to heart." He shakes his head. "I didn't mean it like that..!"


A paper ball hits me in the head. "Geez!"

A red haired girl snickers. And turns around to face the front of the class again. I un-crumple the ball. It's got a note written on it.

It reads, 'Skank.'

I roll my eyes and throw it into the trashcan. But, soon, another girl gives me a note. It reads, 'You silly whore!!'

I groan. People can be annoying. Especially if those people are high school girls. I crumple the paper, but another one comes. It says, 'Kill yourself'.. and another one reads, 'Just give up.'

I shove the papers into the trash can. I obviously don't take it to heart. So what if three people hate me? What's that compared to the amount of people who actually like me?

The bell rings and I walk to lunch. I take my seat next to Laurence and Garroth. I give Laurence a hug. Garroth chuckles, "Such couple goals. I ship it."

I roll my eyes. "I think you may possibly be the only one."

Garroth laughs my subtle hint of everything that happened, but Laurence's face automatically turns serious.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

I shrug. "Oh, its nothing."

"Y/N, tell me." He declares.

I sigh and throw my hands up. "Fine! Some girls in my last class called me some names and told me to... ya know.. die, because they don't like the idea of us being together... It's no big deal."

"Oh, so you got it too?" He asks.

"What do you mean?"

"I've had people telling me all day that it was a mistake to start dating you." He says. He hastily adds on, "But obviously I disagree!"

"Lovely." I groan as I lay my head on the table.

"Aw, c'mon, Y/N. Don't let them ruin this for you." Garroth frowns.

I just shake my head and take a deep breath. So, it's not just three people. Who knows how many people it is?

Laurence hugs me to his chest. "Don't worry, babe, Garroth and I will take care of it."

I shake my head. "I don't want you two to fight my battles for me. I'm going to help put a stop to this too."

Garroth hollers. "YES QUEEN!! GIRL POWER!"

I start laughing and give Garroth a hug. "You're legit the best friend ever."

Garroth, Laurence, and I all make an oath to put a stop to anyone who tries to demean Laurence and me. Laurence and I keep walking together, and we normally calmly address anyone who calls me a name.. but this time..

It was the same girl. She had blazing red hair. She always threw things at me and mouthed nasty things to me whenever she got the chance, and often went out of her way to laugh at me or make fun of me.

This Thursday, I have had enough.

Laurence and I are talking right beside his locker about his new puppy when she and her friends walk by.

She laughs, "Don't you think it's funny how sometimes, guys pick the girls who are ugly AND have no personality."

Laurence whispers, "Just ignore her."

One of her friends giggle, "I know a scenario like that that's happening.. right before our very eyes."

"She's not worth your time." Laurence tells me.

"Yeah, Laurence could do so much better than Y/N. Like, my irene, I thought he'd have better taste. Y/N should just-"

I whip around towards them and yell. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU?!"

The all bust out laughing. "She lost her temper!"


"Well, it's quite entertaining." The red head snickers.

I lunge for her and Laurence pulls me back. "WOAH!! OKAY, OKAY."

I bury my face in his chest and grip on to the back of his shirt. I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. The girls hoot and holler.

Laurence yells. "Look what you did! Get lost!"

The walk away while they gossip and giggle. I start just.. bawling my eyes out. He runs his fingers through my hair. "Shh.. it's okay, it's alright.."

I just can't stop the tears from flowing. I'm just SO done with everything.

He coos, "I'm gunna take you home.."

"C-Can we go t-to your house..? I-I don't w-want to be home a-alone.." I sniff, trying to catch a breath and stop crying.

He nods. "Yeah, come on hun."

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