The Wolf Pups

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Laurence's POV

I smile softly down at Y/N as she sleeps in my bed. I know that she's in immense pain and I honestly feel bad for her. She didn't see what was coming; and Ein had no right to do what he did...

Time passes and Y/N finally wakes up with a huge scream.

"Shh... shh... sh! U-Uhm... wh-what do you need?!" I panic.

She just screams and grips tightly onto my shirt. I reach for my phone and call Garroth. He picks up.

"Dang, is she really still screaming?" Garroth asks in shock.

"She slept... but she woke up screaming!! I don't know what to do!! What do I do?!" I freak out.

"I'll be there in ten... call her brother and tell him what happened and uh... I'll make a call to see if someone I know can help...?! I don't know?!" He suggests.

I nod and mutter, "Bye."

"Cya." He hangs up.

I dial Travis' number and he instantly answers. "Where's my sister?!"

"Long story, just know that's she's safe with me. I'll text you my address if you want to pick her up." I hang up.

Y/N finally falls asleep again. I sigh, taking care of her will be tough..

Garroth practically busts the door down. "Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!!"

She wakes up with sweat on her forehead. She grips onto my shirt and shuts her eyes tight.

"Garroth!" I scold.

"Y-Yes...?" She answers weakly, the pain evident in her voice.

Garroth ignores me, "I brought help!!"

Three wolf pups from school walk in. Two of them are male, and one is female.

"Hi! I'm Daniel!" The smallest smiles.

"Shh, Daniel, be quiet.." The girl puts her finger to her mouth. "I'm Dottie."

The last one waves, "I'm Rylan."

Y/N starts, "H-Hi-"

"She doesn't sound good..." Dottie sighs.

I stroke her hair and Garroth sits next to us on the bed. "It'll be okay, save your strength.."

"Yeah, you'll be better soon." Garroth smiles down at her.

Rylan shrugs, "About three days?"

Dottie nods and Daniel plays with the toaster that I put in my room for better food access.

Y/N gasps, "T-Three d-days...?!"

"As long as you rest, yep." Dottie nods.

"It'll be okay, Y/N, I'll take care of you." I smile at her.

Garroth glares at me from an angle that Y/N won't see. "Yeah, we'll take care of you."

I glare at him. "Sure. That's completely what I meant."

I hear Dottie whisper to Daniel. "They both want to mate with her. How stressful, yet romantic!"

Garroth and I both gasp. Y/N stutters, "E-Eh?! Wha-"


Everyone in the room stares at his scene. Garroth points to Y/N with a puzzled expression on his face.

Y/N wearily sits up. Travis runs up and hugs her. "What happened?! You look sick!!"

"A werewolf bit her..." I answer.

Travis grunts, "WHO?! IMA KILL HIM..."

"His name is Ein." Garroth informs.

The wolf pups gasp. "EIN?!"


Travis decided to leave Y/N here for the night so she'd have the best care possible. Garroth makes a bed on the floor and the wolf pups leave with very precise instructions.

"Make sure she gets liquid, protein, and sleep. Don't stress her our. If she wakes up screaming, either calm her down or find a relaxing way to to take her mind off of the pain." Ryland had said.

Dottie continued, "On the third day, have her start walking around if she can. If she can't, call us because that means that something's wrong. Don't let her walk too much, though. Still make sure you still do what Ryland said."

I sigh and call all three of us in sick for school. This will be a long three days..

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