Two Cute Guys

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Logang or Jake-Pauler?

I shoo Travis off to hang out with his friends. I glance around the school yard, waiting for them to open the doors.

I walk out, not paying attention to where I'm going. A man who I'm pretty sure has brown hair bumps into me.

"AGH-!" I yell, falling backwards, bracing myself for the concrete of the parking lot but I don't feel it. However, I do feel a pair of arms catch me.

"Huh?" I look up and see a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy holding me.

"Laurence, you have to be more careful you could've hurt her." He speaks.

I blink, "It was really my fault."

"Garroth!" A high pitched voice squeals.

"Oh, uhm... Ivy, hi." The blond speaks.

My eyes dart around, so much is going on that I can't process it.

"Who is she?" She sasses. I glance up and see a girl with pink-ish hair.

"Just a girl who fell." He shrugs.

"She better not be falling for you!" She pouts.

"Oh, she's falling for me." The brown haired one smirks, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet.


"Hmph! Fine then!" She stamps her foot and storms off.

I blink. I can feel my face heating up. "Who are-"

The brown haired one sighs, "I'm Laurence. Sorry that I had to do that."

"Oh- uhm that's fine... I guess." I shake my head, snapping out of it.

"That's Garroth." Laurence points to the blonde.

The 'Garroth' waves. "Hey."

"Er.. hi." I wave.

"And you are..?" Laurence asks with a smirk.

"Oh... Y/N Valkrum.." I muster out.

"Oh! You must be Travis' little sister!" Garroth smiles.

I nod. "You know him?"

"Vaguely... he hangs out with Aphmau sometimes." Laurence responds in Garroth's place.

"Aphmau?" I furrow my eyebrows.

He laughs, "You haven't met her I'm guessing? Garroth, let's introduce her to Aphmau."

I blink. "Uh..."

"Don't worry, she's great!" Garroth smiles.

I nod and they grab my hands and start walking.


"Aphmau!" Laurence yells.

A short girl, probably a bit shorter than me, with raven-black hair and brown eyes turns around and smiles brightly at us.

"Laurence! Garroth! Oh my Irene, I haven't seen you guys all summer!" She exclaims, running over to hug them.

She stops herself and smiles, "Oh! I haven't seen you here before. Are you new?"

"Yeah.. uhm- I'm a freshmen." I nod. "You're Aphmau?"

She giggles, "Mhm! What's your name?"

"Y/N Valkrum." I shrug.

"Wait! Your Travis' little sister! Oh my gosh!" She squeals.

I nod, "Uh.. yep."

"Travis is my not-alone-buddy! He's amazing!" She cheers. "A bit of a pervert... oh! I'm sorry! I probably shouldn't insult your brother!"

I shake my head. "As far I'm concerned, he is proud to be called that."

The boys and Aphmau laugh.

"Figures." Laurence chuckles. "Well, we've got some people we need to talk to. Cya round?"

I smile a bit and nod. "Mhm."

Laurence, Garroth, and Aphmau walk away. I sigh, as I'm all by myself. I look around for anyone who I think that I could talk to..

"Hm.." I jump about five feet in the hair when someone taps my shoulder. "Ah!"

When I hit the ground, I feel someones foot under mine.

"AGH!" The person whom I'm assuming the foot belongs to.

I whip around, my long hair smacking me in the face. "ACK!"

The person laughs. "Are you okay?"

"Pft, it's just hair. I'm fine. Are you okay?" I wipe my hair out of my face.

I see a werewolf with blue bangs and matching ears and tail. He smiles. "I'm fine. Sorry for startling you."

"That's alright. What did you need?" I smile politely.

"Just thought that you looked lonely. So, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ein." He says.

"I'm Y/N. Are you a freshman?" I ask.

He nods, "Yeah. Are you?"

"Yeah. I don't have any freshmen friends." I shrug.

He smiles, "You do now."

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