What a Coincidence!

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He turns around. "What do you even want?" His voice is ice cold.

"I just... Garroth? What's wrong?" I ask. "You were fine a second ago.."

"Why do you even care?!" He shouts at me. "Want to use me to get closer to him?! Hm?! Not done toying with me yet?!"

"I-I... I wasn't? Come back Garroth. Let me explain." I beg. "I just want to be a good friend.."


I choke up. "Garroth..."

He just shakes his head and glares at me. He pushes his wet bangs from out in front of his eyes and runs away.

I run after Garroth. "Garr-"

I get the wind knocked out of me as I run into somebody. "-...oth."

"Y/N, are you okay?" I hear a familiar voice ask. It's Laurence.

I immediately hug him, burying my head into his chest. He stands there, shocked, for a second.. but then he hugs me back tightly, stroking my hair.

I trip over my words. "I... I... I-" I choke on the tears. "I messed up... really badly."

"Shh.. don't cry.. How'd you mess up?" He asks in a soothing tone that just makes me want to melt into his arms.

I sniff. "I-I don't know.. I just made Garroth really upset.. I don't know what I did.. He just, all of a sudden... thinks I'm using him..."

He hugs me tighter, "What did you say to him, hun?"

"I was just..." I choke up.

I don't really want to tell him how I feel about him right now, when everything is so messy... but, it's the only way I can get some help.

He plays with my hair, waiting patiently for me to continue. I take a deep breath.

"I like a guy and I... I asked him for help on what to do.. and he said to ask him out, then asked me who it was.. and I told him, then he ran.." I sigh, taking in his scent.

"Oh.." He sighs as well. "Y/N, he really likes you."

I gulp. "He... He does?"

Laurence nods, "He always tells me about how he's practically in love with you."

I feel the tears well up in my eyes again, "Laurence..! I feel so bad.."

"It's not your fault, Y/N.."

I practically start sobbing. "B-B-But it is...!"

"How could this possibly be your fault?" He asks in a comforting tone, tilting my chin up towards him.

I swallow. "I.. I... I.. I told him that I-"

"Shh... calm down, take a second to breath, then tell me." He coos, rubbing my back.

I take a few deep breaths. "I... I told him that I... that I really like... his beat friend."

Laurence lets out a big breath as he smiles at me. "Hm, what a coincidence, because I think his best friend really likes you back."

I smile and laugh a bit and wipe a tear that was sliding down my cheek. He laughs too, and hugs me again. We sit there for a while, my head just buried in his shirt.

I finally ask, "What do I have to do to fix everything..?"

"Just give Garroth some time. He'll.. go home angry, talk to Zianna; his mom, realize that it's not your fault.. then, he might be sad for a while.. It may be a few days before he talks to you." He explains.

"What do I do while I wait...? I usually hang out with him and he probably hates me.."

"You can let me take you out to dinner tonight.. and you can eat lunch with me at school, and walk with me, and... some other stuff.." He smiles.

I smile, brushing the hair out of my eyes. "Sounds fun."

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