New Encounters

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I laugh, "That's so funny! I can't believe you just said that!"

You see, a few days after the first day, Ein and I were sitting on the fountain talking and carrying on. A few minutes prior to my laugh, a guy had came up and started bluntly flirting.

I sat there, aghast by the events that were happening.

Ein cleared his throat. "Excuse me sir, are you sure this safe?"

The tall boy tilted his head. "Huh?"

"You're risking your gay reputation." He smirks.

The man fumes. "WHATEVER!"

Back to the present, Ein chuckles. "He was way out of line."

I smile and the bell rings. "Well, we better get going! See you at lunch, Ein!"

He nods, "Alright, cya then."

I sling my Neko~Atsume backpack over my shoulder and go skipping off towards the school building: my spirits high.

Ein's POV

I smirk as Y/N skips off towards the school. She really is too cute for words. My mind wonders back to the boy who was flirting with her. Just thinking about it angered me. It's not like I like her or anything though... do I?


I skip to class, clutching my books to my chest. I'm pure ecstatic. I can't wait for class! My first class of the year! My first class of high school!

I'm so lost in my thoughts and excitement for the school year that I'm about 2 seconds late to everyone's warnings.

"WATCH OUT!" A boy yells.

I blink and emerge from my thoughts into reality just in time to shield my head from the impact of the floor.


"Psh, maybe you should watch where you're going!" A boy, different from the one before, grunts.

I look up to see a boy, fairly tall and strong, standing in front of me. He's wearing and, despite school dress codes, has his hood up and I bandana covering his eyes.

Holy snickerdoodle! I'm gunna die today! I think.

He look down at my mildly horrified expression and grunt. "I'll leave it be this time, just pay attention to where you're going."

I blink as he shuffles off. "Did I just... avoid death?"

I hear someone's voice from behind me. "Here! Let me help you!"

I look over my shoulder and see an orange-haired meifwa smiling widely and offering his hand to me.

I smile back faintly and take it, standing up. "Thanks."

"No problem! Are you okay?" He smiles.

"I'm fine, I think." I grin.

He cheers. "That's good. I'm Kai by the way."

"I'm Y/N." I nod.

"Freshmen, I take it?" He asks.

"Uh, well- yeah. Why?- Who?- How can you tell?" I ask, quite confounded.

"You seem sheepish. But that's okay." He joked, "Sheeps are cool!"

I laugh, "Great. Wanna walk to class?"

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