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More Than Friends||Laurence X Reader (COMPLETE) by summertime_sweetie
More Than Friends||Laurence X stubs
Y/N Valkrum is Travis' younger sister. She finally entered Phoenix Drop High as a freshman a year behind her older brother. She knows Travis is a flirt and she's used to...
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Best Friends Now Lovers ( Laurence x Reader ) by FreeFlyer68
Best Friends Now Lovers ( FreeFlyer68
You are shopping when you bump into an old friend of yours from Phoenix Drop High and they take you to Mystreet. From there you experience something that you don't feel...
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A Cinderella Story: A Laurence X Reader And Garmau Fanfiction (SLOWUPDATESSORRY) by Aphmaufan132
A Cinderella Story: A Laurence X Aphmaufan132
Hey this is my first time writing a fanfiction.I hope you like it!!☺❤❤ Also like really slow updates cause I'm terrible at remembering stuff XD and cause life is hard.
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Missplaced- Mystreet FF Discontinued by RandomBananaYT
Missplaced- Mystreet FF Kawaii Kitten
You are Garroth Zane and Vylad's sister 3rd youngest to be exact your older than Vylad but younger than Garroth and Zane Garroth and Zane have always hated you You and V...
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Music is the Cure~ Laurance x Reader by MoonlightStudios4Eva
Music is the Cure~ Laurance x •Mya•
You move into a new neighborhood. And some pretty interesting things happen. haahHAHAHAHAha I so evil! :3 Dats all for da description!! Baaaaiiiii!!!
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Aaron's Sister-~-Book 2 | Laurance X Reader  by Taylor_Papai
Aaron's Sister-~-Book 2 | Taylor_Papai
Hey guys! This is the second book of Aaron's sister! I hope you guys and gals are excited, because I certainly am! Anyway, this book I hope will get even more views than...
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My Older Brothers Best Friends « Laurence Zvahl X Reader » by PiaraSpink
My Older Brothers Best Friends « yari
"I came here to lie to you. Tonight, you will hear the biggest lie I'll ever tell." Laurence takes a deep breath, closes his eyes for a second, then sighs. He...
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 The New Gal On My Street by loreleilovescosplay
The New Gal On My Streetby loreleilovescosplay
You move into a new street and meet some cute boys and nice girls (the aphmau crew) but does love come in between or does it? Well one way to find out(BTW SOME OF THE EV...
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A small neighborhood  by queen_lyra0308
A small neighborhood by ly_da_duckling_
Your name is Elizabeth ( Liz for short). You just moved into a great neighborhood. You moved in with your sisters sky and lily. You have been abused by your father ever...
Laurence x reader Oneshots by YellowStar9
Laurence x reader Oneshotsby Orion Puppy Lover
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Daughter Of Power by 2_kawaii_4_uz
Daughter Of Powerby Miss Kawaii Pants (not real n...
Are born into power or do you have to work to get there?
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I fell in love with my Sister's crush by LittleUnicorn1234567
I fell in love with my Sister's Vanessa(aka unicorn
This story is about you and your sister aphmau. Aphmau crushes on 2 boys which are Garroth and Aaron. Aaron likes you but also Garroth and aphmau doesn't like that. You...
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Book 1:A Lord and her Knight...A Love story ~Complete~ by Yuuri_Vitya
Book 1:A Lord and her Knight...A brother
A Shadow Knight Falls in Love With a pure hearted Mortal or so he thinks...
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~Heartstrings~ (Laurence X Reader) by Yolomagswag
~Heartstrings~ (Laurence X Reader)by Anonymous Pixels
This is where Everything starts. Meet Y/n, a girl that stopped being happy, she was consumed by depression. everything changes, she moves in with her sister, Katelyn. Y...
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Finding Him (Laurence X Reader) by FuzzyBacon77
Finding Him (Laurence X Reader)by MOVED TO AO3
You lived in Okasis, until Zane killed your parents. You and your siblings separated. Peyton (your sister) went to Scaleswind and your brother Brody travels with his car...
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High School love Reader X Laurence (Discontinued) by Shinsos_Soul
High School love Reader X Embry
Y/n is a young freshmen, who had to move due to her Evil, cruel,abusing father and step mother.Her real mother ran away when Y/n was 3 yrs old of coarse this made her fa...
Love Fights Back (On Hold 4 Now) by 2_kawaii_4_uz
Love Fights Back (On Hold 4 Now)by Miss Kawaii Pants (not real n...
When I tragic thing happens to a girl who once cared what people thought of and once believed in love her whole life changes. She goes from dresses to cloaks. From dolls...
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Phoenix Academy- Garroth X Reader X Laurance by pupppylove114
Phoenix Academy- Garroth X Pups
y/n is starting a new school and is hoping to make a friend as she never really had one before. She ends up in a very different situation. Look out for y/n f/c f/f etc...
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