Piercing Sensations

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This isn't canon to Aphmau's series and how some things work fyi: don't kill me.

I glance around the park in search of Ein. I have no such luck in finding him... so I glance around.

"Ein?" I call out as I walk around. "Ein...?"

I suddenly feel a tight hug around my waist. I almost punch the person. "GAH!"

"Y/N! It's me!" My boyfriend's voice chuckles from behind me.

I shrug him off. "Oh my Irene! Please, don't that while we're in the park. I thought I was being harassed or something."

"Oh... just trying to be-"

"Pft. It's fine... Everyone slips up.." I smile a bit.

He nods. "Oh, alright. Well... follow me. Let's get a bit comfortable."

"Uh... okay?" I say, following him to a park bench on the deserted half of the park.

We sit down on the bench, the leaves of the nearby tree shielding us from the setting sun. Ein leans in to kiss me. I almost slap him, but I decide to just let him.

When we pull apart, I sigh. He tilts his head, "What?"

"I... I don't think this is working..."

He gasps a bit, "Really? It's probably just jitters of a new relationship... let's, uhm, follow me!"

I sigh and try to keep up with his frantic, fast pace walking. "Where are going?"

We stop on the sidewalk across from a modern house. "Here!"

He grabs my hand and practically drags me inside and downstairs. "Uhm... where exactly is 'here', Ein?"

"Well, hun, my house!" He smiles widely.

I let out a huff of air, "And why are we in the basement?"

He smiles and takes a step closer. "I had some... plans."

He leans in and bites my neck. I feel a thick substance course through my veins as I let out a scream of agony. "E-EIN!"

I fall to the floor and start screaming as the immense pain increases.

"SHUT UP! I mean... sh! The neighbors.." Ein whisper-yells.

I can barely hear him over the ringing in my ears. I can't even begin to comprehend what's happening but, through the tears, I see two familiar faces run in.

"YOU LITTLE B*STARD!!!" Garroth's voice yells.

I see, I think, Laurence punch Ein in the face, "YOU IMBECILE!"

Garroth slams him against the wall, "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO HER?!"

Laurence rushes over and picks me. "Shh... Y/N, stop screaming... shh... I'm gunna take you to my place... shh.."

Even after those words of comfort, though, I can't do anything but focus on the piercing pain that I'm experiencing. I feel a pair of lips grace my head.

"It's be okay, Y/N... It'll be over soon... I'm here..."

I told you that Ein had a purpose~

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