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Woo parents think I sprained my elbow yippee

I walk into school with my backpack over my shoulder. Ein automatically runs up to me and squeezes me in his arms.

"Hey, gorgeous." He whispers in my ear.

I laugh and push him backwards, "Chill out."

Red creeps across his face, "Sorry! I just wanted to-"

"Nah, it's fine. Class?" I ask.

"Y-Yeah!" He laughs and grabs my hand as we walk.

While we walk, we talk and laugh. Things are a bit different now, but not bad.

"Y/N!!!!" Laurence calls as he stops in front of us.

"What?" I ask, looking up at him.

He looks betrayed. "You said... just friends..."

"Things change..." I say, "Is there a problem."

He opens his mouth, "I was gunna- nevermind.. whatever... meet me at lunch?"

"Sure, see you then." I smile at him but he just walks away, his eyes focused on a wall.

Ein shrugs, "He looks pissed."

I laugh, "I probably just confused him. He thought I was keeping a secret from him."

"So, what if you were?"

"Whatdya mean?" I cock my head to the side.

"Why should he care if you keep a secret from him?" He asks.

"He's a good friend." I say.

"Oh. Well, I better head off to class. Will you meet me at the park after school?"

"Mhm! Cya!" I release his hand and prance off to class.

~Time Skip to Lunch bc I'm too lazy to describe 3 full classes of small events~

I grab a lowfat, chocolate milk and take my tray with me to sit next to Laurence and Garroth. "Hi guys!"

"Hey, Y/N!" Garroth smiles.

Laurence mutters, "Hello."

I lean over the table to whisper to Garroth, "Is he alright?"

"I dunno. Why don't you ask him?" He whispers back.

"Okay... um.. Are you okay, Laurence?"

"I'm perfectly fine. Do you wanna meet up after school today?" He asks.

"Sorry... I can't. I meeting up with Ein."

"Oh... of course. Boyfriends over friends..." He mutters.

"Boyfriend?" Garroth asks and I nod. His face falls, "Oh, well have fun."

I smile, "Thanks."

The bell rings so I stand up. "Bye!"

Happy belated Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate then... happy day!

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