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Hi! I asked you guys for some questions/story ideas/confessions/etc... so here are some that I received! I made this whole thing in an effort to interact with you guys more. So, first, questions/stories/etc.

Our first question is from @AshYuuki , they asked, "Who is your main waifu?"
Answer: If we're talking about celebrities, Dakoda Fanning. If we're talking about people from the Aphmau universe, definitely Katelyn. If we're talking real life, that's a secret ;)

Next we have a story suggestion from @9299_Quinn_White , they said,
"Einmau or Einx reader where aphmau or the reader is under a forever potion and Aaron can't get her out and dies when he falls off the cliff"
Response: Thank you for the story suggestion! I might make a short story with that plot. Also, I've finally found another person who doesn't hate Ein with a burning passion. Woo-hoo!

For my next segment....

I'm giving out awards for my favorite comments!

First, @LilEmoKai said, "F*ck f*ck I'm a duck."

Another one from @sunsetlover101 , "teenagers scare the living shit out of me"

@winterwolfae said, "Yass come to your daughter chair dad"

And finally, @lunalic said, "nOt iN mY cAuCAsiAn hOuSe"

And for my last segment...

I'm picking a random follower to shoutout cuz why not💁‍♀️


I love you guy's, keep being awesome xx

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