The Bus

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I wake up with a splash of cold water on my face.

"TRAVIS!" I yell, bolting upwards.

He laughs and tosses the empty bucket behind him. "I had too!"

"I swear you're dead when I'm actually awake.." I mutter.

He rolls his eyes. "You're gunna miss the bus, Miss High-and-Mighty."

"CRAP! I gotta get ready!" I push him out of the room and run over to the mirror, brushing out my long Platinum-Blonde hair.

I slip on my new uniform that I got last week. I twirl around in the mirror, gazing at my navy blue skirt and purple tie. I take a deep breath then I run downstairs.

"Let's go! Let's go! First day, on the wheel! Let's hit the road!" I yell.

"The bus isn't here yet, feisty pants!" Travis laughs.

"Oh." I flop on the couch.

Travis sits next to me. "Dad had to go to work early."


"He wanted me to tell you good luck on the first day." He continues.


"He said he's sorry about it too." He sighs.


He keeps talking, "He wishes he could be here but-"

"I said okay Travis, it's fine." I interrupt him.


I glance up and see that bus outside. "CMON TRAVIS!"

He smirks and drags me out the door and onto the bus, I instantly panic.

Wait, I'm new. Oh crap, I'm the new kid. I wasn't in district last year. I have no friends, I'm doomed.

Travis sits down in an empty seat and I sit next to him. "Is it weird for your sister to sit next to you?"

He shakes his head. "It's fine."

A girl with blue hair and blue eyes walks up to us. "Hey Travis."

"Heyyyy Katelyn."

"Is this your sister?" She smiles.

He nods. "Mhm. How could you tell?"

"She looks like you, of course." She tucks a piece of hair behind her hair.

"Who's this, Travis?" I ask.

"My girlfriend." He smirks.

Katelyn punches him. "IN YOUR DREAMS!"

"I LIKE HER!" I shout.

"I'VE GOT A BOYFRIEND..." She glances at me, disturbed.


"Oh." She laughs.

"The boyfriend has arrived." An orange-haired meifwa says, appearing behind Katelyn.

"Why does everyone just stand in the isles?" I whisper to Travis.

He shrugs, "Uh... heeey Kai."

I finally focus in on The 'Kai'. "Have I seen you before?"

"Hm... I don't really know." He shrugs.

Katelyn smiles, "Well we're gunna sit down. Cya around Valkrums."

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