When Katelyn Suggests Hitting Him With A Bat..

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I lay in bed around 9:30 and obsess over todays events, still confused.


Garroth pulls away from our kiss and smiles, "Feeling better now?"

"E-EH?! I-I... ER..." I stutter, turning redder by the second.

He combs his finger through his hair and coughs, "Sorry. I couldn't help it!"

I cover my face with my hands, "Nono it's fine...! I wasn't as bad as you think! It was... really good....!"

My eyes widen at the words that snuck out of my mouth. I can't believe it...! What the heck did I just say?!

He laughs and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. "As I was saying, you look really pretty today and.."

Laurence coughs loudly, "GARROTH WE SHOULD GET TO CLASSS!!"

"What? Jealous that I finally made a move?" He smirks.

Laurence laughs, "Not a chance. I could do that!"

"But could you do this...?" He glances at Laurence over his shoulder. "Y/N, will you do me the honor and go to the dance with me on Friday?"

"Q-QUE?! TE AMO- LO SIENTO! LO SIENTO!! REALMENTE ME GUSTARÍA!! PERO POR QUE?!" I freak out and start rambling in my second language.

Laurence fumes. "What?! Why'd you say yes?!"

"YOU SPEAK SPANISH?!" I panic even more, I'm used to no one understanding me when I speak in Spanish, that's why I do it when I panic.

"I learned it in 6th grade to pick up ladies." He winks, "But that's not the point!!"

"E-EH?!" I'm still freaking out.

Garroth just stands there flabbergasted. Laurence grabs my hand. "Me gustas, Y/N. Realmente te quiero ir a el baile conmigo. Eres hermosa... por favor, Y/N?"

I close my eyes tightly. "This is a dream! This is a dream!"

Flashback Ends

And wanna know what I winded up doing? Saying yes to both... so we're going as a group. The boys made bet: they'd each spend time with me for a half an hour and I'd chose who I wanted to be with. Of course, I didn't agree but they didn't really care.

"UGHHHH!" I groan and smash my head into my pillow. I stand up and walk downstairs. "Travis, I need- WHAT THE HECK?!"

On the couch, I see Travis and Katelyn making out. I'm surprised Katelyn even let him within two feet of her. "A-Ahem.."

They pull apart and their faces turn red, "Y/N! H-Hi!"

I sigh, "Sorry.. I'll go.."

I walk upstairs. I hear Travis sigh. "Sorry Katelyn, I'll be right back."

He stands up and grabs my hand. "Hey! I wanna be here for you, let's go talk in your room."

"Are you sure? Wouldn't wanna keep Katelyn waiting." I smile a bit.

He shrugs, "It's okay. Cmon, talk to me."

We walk into my room and sit on the bed. "What's up?"

"Today at school... both of my really good friends caught me off guard and asked me to the dance.." I sigh.

He gasps and slaps his hands onto his thighs. "My Irene! Who?!"

"Garroth and Laurence.." I frown.

"Go with Garroth, obviously." He smirks.

"I wish it was as easy as to just CHOSE, they made an immature wager to both spend half the dance with me." I whine.

He hugs me, "You poor soul."

I lay my head on his shoulder." They didn't even consider my feelings! You know, I already had enough on my mind; with Ein being a jerk again today!"

He hugs me tighter. "What did Ein do?"

"He tried to kiss me today, and wouldn't take a hint to STOP!" I cry.

He sighs. "I'm gunna kill him... I swear, I'm gunna kill him!"

Katelyn enters the room. "Who are you gunna kill, if you don't mind me asking? And can I join in?"

We all laugh and Travis answers her. "Ein."

She jumps up and shouts. "YES! LETS DO IT! I'LL GRAB MY BAT!"

We all laugh again. She continues, "But if he ever bothers you, Y/N, come to me, I can make him wish he was never born."

Travis nods his head. "I know from experience."

"Hey! You look like you could use something to take your mind off of Ein. Wanna come to the movies with tomorrow night?" She smiles.

I gasp, "I'd love too! But I wouldn't wanna third wheel.."

Travis smiles. "You can invite Garroth."

"Or Laurence." Katelyn adds.

"Ehhhhhhhh, the stressssss!" I groan.

"How about.. first person you see tomorrow is the one you invite?" Travis suggests.

I sigh. "Okay, fine. Count me in."

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