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I walk in to school the next day (Friday) practically on cloud. I smile as I walk, searching for Laurence or Garroth or just someone to talk to. I'm still so happy from last night that I can barely focus.

I'm drawn back into reality when I hear a locker rattle. I look to the right and see two familiar boys fighting. I gasp, "Garroth! Laurence!"

I run over and push past the forming crowd. They're throwing punches, and shoving, and kicking. I shout, "Stop it! Stop it!"

I stomp my foot and stand in between them. Apparently, this wasn't a good decision, because a fist pounds into my eye. I hear gasps from the crowd.

"LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Garroth yells.

I clamp my hand over my eye and grit my teeth. Jeez, Laurence can pack a punch.

Laurence looks at me, his eyes widen. "Oh, no! Y/N, I'm sorry!"

Garroth grabs my shoulders and turns me towards him. He sighs, "Can I see your eye?"

I nod and reluctantly move my hand. He laughs nervously, "Let's get you to the nurse..."

He grabs my hand and practically drags me there. I frown, "Is it that bad?"

"Well... it's purple and your under-eye is bleeding a bit." He sighs.

I groan and look at my blood-stained hand. "It looks like I murdered someone."

He laughs and holds the door open for me. "It looks like someone murdered your eye."

I laugh a bit and walk into the nurse. She gasps, "What happened?!"

"I, um, ran into locker..." I lie.

"And then I accidentally elbowed her.." Garroth says, playing along.

She sighs and hands me a wet paper towel to clean up my bloody mess. She prepares a bag of ice for me, as well. "Come see me after lunch if it's still bugging you, okay sweetie?"

I smile and nod as Garroth escorts me to class. I sit down in my seat and hold the ice pack to my eye. I have to admit, it stings. I bet the discomfort is very evident because the meifwa from yesterday walks up to me.

"Are you alright?" He asks.

I nod a bit. "Y-Yeah.. I'm just a bit clumsy."

He chuckles and gently moves the ice pack away from my eye. My face turns red and he chuckles. "A bit clumsy?"

"Okay, really... clumsy." I laughs a bit, releasing some tension.

A while later, I walk out of class and I'm engulfed by a tall person's hug. "I'M SO SORRY..."

I laugh and hug the person, who I know is Laurence. "No harm done."

He lets me go and caresses my cheek with his thumb. My face turns as red as a tomato. "It's still a bit bruised..."

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Garroth walk up to us. "She's still beautiful, though."

Laurence glares at him and I sigh. "If you guys fight again..."

They shake their heads. "We're good."

"What were you two fighting about anyways?" I ask.

They both panic a bit. "Um, just who's car to take to pick you up for the dance!"

"Oh, no! I completely forgot about that!" I gasp.

They both laugh. "Time flies by fast when you're with us!"

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