Why are you here?!

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"I'm just saying," Garroth tells Laurence and I. "If I see him today, I'll pound him into the ground."

Laurence nods, hugging me to his side. "I wouldn't stop you."

"Neither would I." I tell them.

He smiles down at me and kisses my head. I glance around the hallway, feeling that everyone's watching me. It's just been like that since I started dating Laurence. I feel as if someone is always watching me.

I spot that devilish, orange-haired meifwa slyly watching us from across the hall. I groan, "Speak of the devil, and he shall appear."

Garroth slams his locker door shut. "Where is he?"

I point to the wall, rolling my eyes. Garroth runs over to him and greets him with a blow to the chest. Kai shouts and in a flash, Laurence is following me as I stomp over there. Garroth kicks him in the shin and tries to knee him where the sun don't shine, when a teacher intervienes, pulling Garroth backwards.

I get up in Kai's face. "Wanna pay my hospital bill, chief?! Or how about I take you to court?! Or... I have a better idea! Why don't I-"

Laurence pulls me backwards. "HEY!"

I struggle to get away as Laurence hold my shoulders. "YOU SICK MOTHERF-"

He covers my mouth. "Y/N, don't waste your time on him."


Laurence takes the task of pulling both Garroth and I away from the fight. He groans, "You two are borderline insane."

"Can you really blame us though?" Garroth asks, glaring at Kai as he walks away, still watching me.

I growl at Kai, who has, for some reason, deemed it an okay to just, watch me from another part of a hallway.

"Disgusting." I groan.

Laurence sighs. "Well, we should head to the auditorium, they're having an assembly."

We all nod and walk to the auditorium. We don't really talk, but it's not an awkward silence. Laurence walks with his arm around me. I glance over my shoulder, and see Kai following us, only a few feet away. When we sit down in the auditorium, he sits a row of seats behind us.

I whisper to Laurence, "He's literally stalking us."

"I can hear you." Kai says.

He turns around. "Will you leave her alone?"

"I have to watch out for her." He says simply. "She's my future mate."

I gag. "No. I'm not."

"Then what happened two days ago?" He questions.

"You forced me into an unsafe surgery... you held me hostage, wouldn't let me leave... shall I continue?" I ask.

He raises an eyebrow. "But you were into me."

"Only because I feared for my life. Now, leave me alone." I roll my eyes.

I turn around as the principal clears her throat, "Students of Phoenix Drop High, I've gathered you all here today to announce this years prom!"

The students smile and clap. The principal continues, "You've seen the posters up for a few weeks announcing the prom, of course. This is just a reminder that the prom is next week. Tickets are on sale now."

Crap. I've been so preoccupied with everything that I haven't even noticed! I need a {dress/suit, whichever you want}! Also... does the fact that Laurence and I are already dating automatically mean that we're going to prom together? I have no clue.

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