So Called "Entitlement"

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Laurence's POV

It's been 5 days and the wolf pups said that Y/N should be able to attend school again. They taught her how to hide her ears and tail, so she's really normal, except for the fact that she can't eat chocolate..

Y/N uses Cadenza's bathroom to get ready. She runs downstairs in her uniform with a mile high smile on her face. Garroth hugs her and I growl under my breath.

Why do you ask? Because I like Y/N, and I'm not afraid to admit it. But, Garroth always beats me at the subtle things, like hugging her or telling her that she's beautiful. It's a constant competition, and I'm set on winning.


Garroth and I break apart from our hug. Laurence smiles at me, "You look beautiful."

I smile, "Thanks. You look beautiful, too."

Garroth and I laugh at my little joke. Laurence chuckles a bit and rolls his eyes, "I may be beautiful, but you're stunning."

"You're absolutely the cutest girl-boy-thingy ever." I snicker.

He laughs at me and Garroth shakes his keys. "Let's get to the car!"

"This girl calls shotgun!" Laurence declares, snapping his fingers and Usain-Bolting it to the car.


Garroth parks his car and we all three hop out. The car gets swarmed by fangirls.

They all squeal, "Gar-Gar! Where have you been?!"

"Laurence, baby, why did you leave me so suddenly?!"


"Garroth, I like your hair! Can I touch it?!"

"Who's that girl?!"

"Yeah, why did she get a ride in your car?!"

"Did she sneak in?!"

"Is she your stalker!?"

"How dare she?!"

Laurence hugs me to his side and Garroth throws his arm around me. "Excuse us."

"Throw her in the fountain!!!!" They all scream.

As soon as we get into the school, I sit on a bench. "Holy Irene, that was.."

"Chaotic? I know." They both say in unison.

Above the bench that I've parked myself onto, there's a banner that reads  "First School Dance!!".

Both of the boys' face's light up. "A school dance!! Perfect!!"

"Perfect? For what?" I ask, cluelessly.

"Nothing!" The say in unison, once again.

"Alright... I'll get to class then, see you two at lunch.." I shrug, standing up.

"Wait! Y/N, I'll walk you to class!" Garroth offers.

"Really? Thanks!" I smile.

We wave at Laurence and walk down the hallway towards room 407. As we walk, he wraps his finger around mine and eventually, winds up intertwining all of his fingers with mine.

Garroth's POV

I feel eyes on my back. I glance over my shoulder and see the notorious Ein glaring at us. As a territorial move, I simply hold her hand. I can tell the simple thing infuriates Ein.

Y/N smiles at me, "What's that for?"

"Nothing. I just think you look really pretty today, so I wanted to draw attention to you." I lie on my feet.

She really does look pretty, but that wasn't my main motive. I really like         Y/N. She's so intelligent, kind, and beautiful. The fact the Ein isn't happy with her, or me, makes me want to protect her. Me, holding her hand, protects her.


We arrive at my classroom. Garroth lets go of my hand and hugs me.

"Cya later, Y/N!" He smiles and walks away, jokingly blowing me a kiss over his shoulder half way down the hallway.

I giggle and sit in my seat. A familiar wolf snatches the seat beside me. He stares at me for a while. I growl and switch seats, but so does he.

"Hello, sugarplum. I'd rather you not hold hands with other men." He growls and puts his hand on my desk

I turn to him and smash my heavy textbook on his finger. "And since when do I care?"

"Since we're dating!" He laughs, bitterly, and blows on his fingers.

This time, I laugh. "Ha.. ha, you seriously are so naive to believe that I'd even tolerate your existence after those events."

"Baby, I did it for you. How are you feeling?" He says, pretending to be the concerned boyfriend.

"I'm feeling fed up with you're bs." I roll my eyes.

He ignores me. "Are your ears even fully developed?"

"Maybe, but even if they were, I won't wear them. I don't want to look remotely like you." I growl.

"What color are they?" He still ignores.

"They're blue. But they're gunna be red if you don't shut up." I snarl. The bell rings to end the period. I through my pencil at him and exit.

"Aye, baby! No kiss?" He smirks.

I turn around and kick him in the crotch. "TAKE A HINT, IT'S OVER!"

I'm fuming as I storm down the hall towards the bathroom. I bump into Laurence and Garroth on the way.

"Hey, what's wrong?" They frown. "You look very angry."


Someone pins me against the wall and smashed their lips against mine. My eyes instinctively shut. After a moment, I open my eyes and see Garroth.

He pulls away from me and smiles, red creeps across my face. "E-Eh?!"

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