I Think He's Psychotic

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I give Laurence a hug. He tells me that everything will be okay. He says that Ein, Garroth, and a few other people have decided to help. I nod. I'm honestly mortified though. I mean, who wouldn't be in this case? He kisses me one last time and then walks outside of the school. I walk to my locker.

Anytime now, I think. Ein said their plan was to get me as soon as I was alone.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I see Kai. He smiles, "Hi!"

"Hi Kai." I say in a surprisingly calm tone.

He asks, "Are you busy right now? I need help with the homework from class today, and I was wondering if you'd come over to my house to help."

"Sure." I tell him. "I don't have anything else to do anyways. My friends are all busy."

He raises his eyebrow in false concern. "Even Laurence?"

"Yeah. He's helping one of his relatives move some boxes and heavy stuff or something." I lie.

I'm surprised with myself. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with this stuff on the spot.

"Oh, okay. Well, c'mon! Let's go." He grins.

We walk to his house, which is surprisingly close to the school. It looks safe enough. I start to question whether or not the information Ein told us was true...

"Down here!" He smiles, opening a door that leads down to what's probably his basement. He stops me once we get midway down the staircase.

I tilt my head. "Why'd we stop?"

"I just... Y/N, I like you. And I want you to lead the meifwa with me. We can have it all." He says, laying his hand on my shoulder.

"Kai..." I frown.

"I know!" He interrupts. "You don't know how to tell Laurence that you want to be with me. But don't worry! The meifwa and I have it figured out. We already told him."


"And, we know how to fix your ears and tail so that you're a meifwa! If I'm being honest, that's the real reason I brought you here..." He smiles. "We're gunna make you perfect."

"..." I stay silent. He really did put so much effort into it. And frankly, it's a little creepy.

He kisses me on the cheek. "Let's get this done."

I take a deep breath and nod. He turns back and heads down the rest of the stairs I follow him.

The basement has a medical bed off to the side, a sink, and some other things. The walls are grey and the floor is tiles. I really does look like a hospital room. It's cold like one, too. Kai smiles and runs to pull out the medical bed. He pats it, signaling me to sit down. I tremble, but he mistakes it for shivering.

"Are you cold? One second, let me run upstairs to get you a blanket. But first.." He grabs my face. "Stay here."

He pecks me on the lips and runs upstairs. I blink back the fear-induced tears that start to flood my eyes, but it doesn't work. The salty water streams down my face. I put my head in my hands and just sit there, crying.

What if Laurence can't get here in time? When will they get here? What if Ein was in league with the Meifwa the whole time? I think.

A door shuts and I hear rushed foot steps that belong to Kai I feel a blanket wrap around me from behind. Kai strokes my hair. "Shh... shh.."

I sniff. I'm tempted to shove him off of me. But, I know I have to keep on this facade. He lifts me off of the medical bed and sits me on a much softer surface. He cuddles me.

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