June 2nd, 2066

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For much of the ride, I've just seen green trees--a foreground to thick black smoke that's still dissipating. News reporters have stated that the bombings are continuing and troops from the United States are moving toward the border. There still hasn't been an official declaration of war, apparently, but... well, I don't remember the last time the United States officially declared war before invading a country.

There's something truly disturbing going on in Melbourne. Individuals who were affected by the Renewer's smog--they're being called afflicted--have been quarantined. The afflicted seem rabid and violent, their hair is falling out, and small, crystalline pustules have developed on their bodies.

The news channels are all displaying the same shaky cellphone footage, but the atrocities are clear. Whatever the Renewer is doing to those people... it can't be intentional. It's one of the most horrible things I've ever seen (well, as far as I remember).

I've had a pressure headache all day and my back has been in especially bad shape. It's probably from being cramped in this car. At least, I hope that's all it is.

I know it isn't, though.

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