May 6th, 2066

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I just got back from dinner at the neighbor's. It was pleasant, and the neighbor--Mom keeps reminding me her name is Laura--was as friendly as she's always been, but I was still very nervous. I kept expecting government forces to break down the door, kill my mother and our host, then carry me off to wherever they're taking the imperfects.

None of that happened, thankfully. I did get to watch the news, though, and that's the focus of this entry. The first true bomb has been dropped, and it wasn't dropped by an ally of the imperfects, it was dropped by America. It was dropped by this country that's trying so desperately to kill or enslave me because of my disease.

It wasn't an ordinary bomb, either. Apparently, it was a bioweapon called the "Renewer". Using quite a bit of technical jargon, one of the weapon's designers (his name was Crane or something like that) had explained that the weapon was designed to wipe out human life and simultaneously encourage new life, thus preventing the world from being totally devastated by war.

The way the scientist had eagerly and gleefully discussed his creation had been unnerving. He'd been excited, somehow, at seeing his weapon in action rather than simply being tested.

The bomb was dropped in Melbourne, Australia. The casualties are estimated to be in the thousands, but the nature of the Renewer is that it is a slow killer with a small explosion. Over time, everything in the area surrounding the point of impact will die. According to Crane, the effects of the Renewer will spread for several weeks, resulting in a slow death for those impacted by it.

I know someone in Melbourne, I think. I'm trying to remember who.

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