May 14th, 2066

25 12 12

I caught the news while trying to figure out what to steal for breakfast. There's a television in the gas station I slept at, last night, and it was showing the aftermath of the Renewer's deployment in Melbourne.

It's bad. There's a purple haze over the region and thick roots colored black and purple are spreading from the blast site. Crane--the man responsible for creating the weapon--was being interviewed.

He assured the reporters that the results of his weapon were expected. In fact, he seemed delighted to state that the Renewer was working exactly as designed. Crane explained that in a few decades, those roots would give way to new life and the haze would dissipate.

When asked about the impact on human life, Crane had simply shrugged and told the interviewer that humans would be consumed, altered, and renewed just like the planet.

There were more details provided after that, but it all went over my head (that, or I've forgotten those details already). The haze spelled bad news for Melbourne and, in turn, Sara. My beloved.

It occurs to me as I write this from the backseat of my car that I have no idea if Sara will actually remember me. We have the same disease, after all. If she didn't manage to take any of my letters with her, or if she never wrote about me in her journal...

And how will I meet up with her? If she's alive, she'll have evacuated. I have no idea how I'm going to find her. Will I really be able to find her? Is she at her cottage? Maybe her sister's house? So much is up in the air, right now.

Being anxious doesn't help anything, but... I can't stop.

I haven't pushed forward at all, today. I can't think of a way to get money for the rest of my trip that doesn't involve stealing or begging. Stealing a 3$ meal is one thing, but stealing someone's wallet or cash... that just feels worse.

I'll have to suck it up, tomorrow.

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