June 21st, 2066

19 9 10

I will never forget those sounds.

As I steered our boat around Ireland, we heard ear-splitting, agonized screams. Men, women, children, and animals wailed in unison. I tried my best to stay as far away from the country as possible, but in some places I had to get close.

There were bodies in the water. Hundreds of them. Many of them had those same crystalline pustules and growths that I had seen on the news back in Canada. They must have thought that drowning was a better death than whatever the Renewer had in store for them.

I saw silhouettes in the fog. People were scrambling, but not in human ways. They were limping, lurching, and crawling. Some of them broke out of the clouds, rushed to the edges of piers, and screamed at our ship. I was too far away to tell if those screaming humans were afflicted or not.

The thought of Sara being one of those things... It's just too much. I hope she's okay. I hope she made it out. God, what if she didn't?

Trent took the wheel for me. We'll be docking either tonight or at midnight. Right now, we're just quitely moving between two countries. Far in the distance, I can see another purple cloud over the UK, spiraling upward like the one over Ireland. Maybe we shouldn't have come here.

What is happening? What is going on with this world?

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